Welcome to My World

16th November 2017
Come and discover the story behind our playful, characterful new kids collection… My World.

My World’s eight lively prints will take young and pre-teen children on a journey trekking through the jungle, on London themed days out, to picnics in the park and adventures on the road.

Here we take a look at the creation of our My World collection, telling the story of three fabulous new designs from the collection.

The My World Adventure map takes you on a journey around the world.

Starting out surrounded by kangaroos and koalas in Oz we board an aeroplane for a journey across the world. Jetting up the North Pacific Ocean we take in dainty Russian dolls, before swinging by over London to hear the chimes of Big Ben. Next we head down into Africa to see the amazing pyramids, ticking off one of the world’s wonders, before we loop over South America saying hello to the llamas. All before heading up the coast to end our tour in the bright lights of New York. The Adventure map sparks the imagination of children who want to see what there is to explore in the world.

After landing in New York we take a yellow cab around the bustling city, tootling past all the vehicles that appear On The Road. We spot fire engines and dumper trucks, police cars and a classic British mini. With road signs added in we build a picture of what it’s like to be on the move on the busy roads. The fabric translates this in a fun and vibrant way making it a playful scheme for a bedroom where the bustling city roads will come to life.

The story of the Little Bear fabric comes from a traditional teddy bears picnic in the park. This design covers all the adventures the bears get up to. Rowing on the lake, juggling, flying high up in the sky, enjoying the tasty treats of the picnic and then taking a nap in a hammock. The Little Bear fabric shows how the My World collection caters for creative, young boys and girls of all ages.

Designers notes…

The inspiration behind My World was that we loved the idea of travel and iconic landmarks. The world is getting smaller and travel is becoming faster and easier. I think youngsters are very inquisitive about nature and the world, I still look at a globe, it always amazes me what is where and which country is next to the other and compare that to the size of the oceans!

We wanted each design to be educational and sophisticated, with beautiful illustration, we worked hard to ensure all of the detail was as factually correct as it could be, especially scale and positioning of oceans, continents and countries. As each of the designs are digitally printed, it allowed for the scale, detail and interpretation from the original artwork, which was beautifully hand painted.

My World is aimed at younger children, Little Bear would be perfect in a nursery whilst the other designs would suit children of all ages, going as far as pre-teen. We hoped the collection would inspire them to tell their own stories and experiences or to stir their imagination to make up their own adventures.

We thought the fabrics would be perfect for bedrooms and playrooms, suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions and accessories. Even PVC coated products where little fingers can trace the shapes and their imagination can begin.

Now see the story come to life…

With plenty more designs to explore, take a trip online here to view the magic the rest of the collection has to offer.