70s Revival

Embrace the return of the vibrant 70s style with our compilation of décor hallmarks from this iconic era.

5th May 2023

Providing the perfect dose of nostalgia, the 70s style helps create a sense of escapism that many of us now seek from our homes. The recent 70s revival has reintroduced this nostalgic trend with a contemporary edge, curating the era’s most iconic design features.

With maximalism and dopamine décor on the rise, it’s easy to see why this charismatic trend has made a return. It has also become apparent that we are turning to nostalgic interior trends for comfort and reassurance, and the 70s revival is no exception to this. From its warm, earthy palette to its connection with the outdoors, the style cues of this era are renowned for inviting a welcoming, familiar atmosphere into the home. Read on for our top tips on infusing a contemporary space with a touch of 70s flair.

Remain Down to Earth with your Palette

Warming earth tones are the cornerstone of the nostalgic 70s style, with these on-trend colourways both comforting and impactful.

Campbell Collection, Granite Collection, PT Blinds Library Roman Blind Collection

Earthy hues such as terracotta, moss greens, and clay tones ensure your space remains inviting and liveable, which were key elements of 70s homes. Warmer shades have a cocooning effect when used on larger furnishings and finishes such as statement sofas and walls. So, why not reupholster a sofa in on-trend bouclé finishes rich in 70s tones for a similarly welcoming feel? Alternatively, complement a warmer base colour upon your walls with window dressings finished in nature-inspired patterns and earthy palettes for a snippet of character and interest.

Opt for Tactile Textures

70s interiors were known for their gallery of textures, so add layers upon layers of sumptuous, deeply inviting fabrics upon soft furnishings.

Cuba Collection, Anderson Collection, Volume Collection, Campbell Collection

Allude to the 70s style with cocooning chenille and bouclé fabrics in moss greens and on-trend pastels, teamed with conversational prints in terracotta-tinged colourways for a space brimming with charm. Velvet also featured prominently in 70s homes and is perfect for creating a luxurious, equally characterful space. So, add glimmers of colour with embossed finishes in opulent jewel tones, from burnished copper tones to emerald greens and refreshing lime shades that provide a vibrant addition to earth tones.

Take a Leaf out of Nature’s Book

Present a curation of natural materials in your space for a quintessentially 70s feel.

Campbell Collection

The rise of biophilic design, which sees us forging a connection between our indoor spaces and nature, has contributed to the 70s revival, with natural finishes a key element of the trend. Indoor plants were an interior hallmark during this period, so look to pothos, trailing spider plants, and indoor ferns for the ultimate 70s space. Guarantee maximum impact with large, towering palm fronds that create the perfect backdrop to laid-back living. For large furnishings, opt for wood, rattan, and distressed metal finishes that ensure nature remains the centrepiece. Pair with fabrics finished in olive greens and lighter sage tones to earthy terracotta hues for a coherent nod to the outdoors throughout.

Mix and Match Different Styles

The key to making your 70s scheme work is curating your favourite style cues from various trends, for a balanced yet impactful space.

Inca Trail Collection, Nimbus & Cirrus Collection, Moda Collection, Cuba Collection

Whilst adopting the 70s trend, ensure your space remains suitably contemporary with clean, flowing lines, and a mix of classic and contemporary styles. Curved finishes are both on-trend and perfect for ensuring your space flows, not just upon large furnishings and architecture, but within your fabrics, too. Don’t be afraid to combine various finishes such as curved geometrics or Aztec-inspired patterns in 70s colourways with contemporary weaves and complementary plains upon curved furnishings, creating a balanced scheme. Add a touch of glamour with small-scale jacquards presenting semi-shine qualities finished in nostalgic 70s hues such as burnt coppers and ruby tones.

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