Ahead of the Curve

Curves are currently shaping the interior design space, with this influential trend welcoming and contemporary in more ways than one.

17th April 2023

Harsh lines are no longer welcome in our homes, so get ready to embrace curves and celebrate their moment in the spotlight through a multitude of styling tips.

From utilising existing archways in your home to perfecting your curation of accessories, find out below how you can adopt this rising trend into your home. Discover how curved finishes, striking monochrome hues, and warming neutrals all go hand-in-hand to set the tone for the most contemporary spaces this season. Read on and find out how you can get ahead of the curve on this rising trend!

Celebrate Existing Curves in your Home

Make sure to showcase any curved lines already present, such as curved archways or window frames, emphasising them as a focal point.

Cuba Collection, Campbell Collection

Rounded finishes produce a room that flows, allowing your home to feel more inviting and effortless. Ensure curved archways, doorways, and windows become focal points within your space, accentuating with striking geometric prints and finishes found within our Cuba Collection. Drive your space in a maximalist direction with the collection’s conversational prints, channelling characterful Cuban architecture. Set the perfect backdrop to contemporary living through floor-length curtains set within towering archways, offset against impactful embroideries and bouclé finishes for added depth and intrigue.

Stay Down to Earth with Calming Neutral Tones

Gentle shades of white and earthy tones go hand-in-hand with curves to create a serene scheme, and complement dramatic monochrome hues perfectly.

Cuba Collection, Campbell Collection, Tranquil Collection

Softer, warming neutrals, off-white tones, and cosy creams contrast striking monochrome geometrics perfectly, and feel more inviting than cooler tones of white. Instantly transform your room into a cocooning retreat by pairing with thick, enveloping fabrics sporting bouclé finishes, complete with circular furnishings and accessories. Neutral tones also give a nod to the serenity of the outdoors, so pair with natural materials such as exposed brickwork and curated pampas fronds for a light and airy feel.

Make a Sweeping Statement with Curved Furniture and Accessories

Rounded edges and arched shapes are perfect for creating a relaxed design scheme, with statement furniture pieces the perfect place to start instilling curves into your home.

Volume Collection

Soft, curved lines create a sense of continuous movement, inviting a luxuriously spacious feel into your home. Intriguing, curved vases, circular coffee tables, and scalloped armchairs or sofas are perfect for showcasing dramatic twists and turns within your space, creating an inviting and enveloping atmosphere for your guests. Present with indulgent cut velvets reminiscent of the Art Deco era finished in opulent jewel tones for a cocooning scheme brimming with interest.

Form a Cosy Corner with Curved Finishes

Sweeping lines are ideal for spaces designed with relaxation in mind, so look to curves when designing your own peaceful alcove.

Anderson Collection

Statement armchairs presenting soft, sweeping lines and minimalistic side tables are staple pieces for your cosy corner; curves are synonymous with relaxation and tranquillity. One rule to follow when styling this space is less is more, allowing you to appreciate the beauty in every curve. Ensure your wind-down area remains light, airy, and inviting by finalising your scheme with sheers in calming neutral tones. Ensure depth and comfort remain at the forefront of your space by presenting sumptuous chenilles upon your soft furnishings, complete with scatter cushions in coordinating colourways for added interest.

Tranquil Collection, Campbell Collection, Cuba Collection

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