Art Within the Home

With our spaces becoming an extension of our personalities, artistic influences and travel-inspired finishes are increasingly finding their place in our homes.

23rd January 2023

Our homes are now seen as our sanctuaries, a safe space to retreat to away from the uncertainty of current events. This has caused us to realise how important it is that our home reflects ourselves; our likes, interests, and personality should all shine through in our décor.

From combining prints depicting grand architecture to colour drenching with punchy palettes, this season’s interior trend forecast is seeing a personal approach being taken to décor. Express yourself and let a story unfold through colour, pattern, and texture. Read on for our top tips on how to add a personal touch to your interior décor, creating a harmonious and characterful space.

Experiment with Loud and Proud Colours

Brighten your space and create an uplifting, energetic scheme by sticking to a punchy palette, drawing inspiration from all corners of the world.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Parrot Coral, Rondel Orchid

“Dopamine décor” is set to be an enduring interior trend for 2023, consisting partly of using colour in your home in order to make you feel happier. So, what better way to evoke positive feelings than playing with a punchy palette? Don’t be afraid to experiment with shimmering jewel tones or vibrant pinks and cerulean blues, combined with refreshing pastel shades for a rounded, contemporary theme. Pantone’s 2023 colour of the year, Viva Magenta, is also brimming with inspiration. A striking mix of crimson red and pink tones, this energetic colourway is perfect for injecting joy into your home for the new year.

Go Global with Your Chosen Fabric Designs

Enjoy a sense of escapism with finishes inspired by your favourite travel destinations and artistic influences.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Voyage Jungle, Canopy Papaya, Amelia Papaya, Fleur Seashell, Explorer Samba

Using vibrant prints in our décor schemes is perfect for encouraging feelings of safety and contentment, and embraces the 2023 trend of dopamine décor even further. Inspired by travelling the world, designs depicting conversational landscapes, grand architecture, exotic flora and fauna, and playful tropical birds are all ideal for taking a maximalist approach. Have a go at pattern drenching and combine multiple designs for a layered look, or go subtle and pair a statement design or two with coordinating, colour blocking plains.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match Patterns and Textures

Take a frivolous approach to your next décor scheme this year and let your creative side run wild.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Parakeet Papaya, Parrot Coral, Provence Seashell

Want a space that envelops and cocoons you as soon as you step inside? Avoid sticking to one texture or steering away from multiple designs, and instead be adventurous with your choices. From intricately painted tropical birds nestled among botanical leaves to painterly, romanticised florals, add an artistic flair to your space and create a treasure trove of designs. Texture plays an important role in the character of a room, too. Whether it’s the sumptuous velvets or linen-blend prints of Painted Canvas that have caught your eye, combine the two and create an enlivened space with the collection’s indulgent finishes.

Create a Focal Point Whichever Space You’re In

Designating an eye-catching focal point in each space can help create a fulfilled, cohesive space that simply works.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Garden Wall Coral, Amelia Samba, Canopy Samba

Help draw the eyes to the intended centre of attention in a room, making sure fabulous designs take centre stage. Hang flowing velvet curtains presenting sprawling floral designs from floor to ceiling, creating a striking focal point that truly steals the show. Alternatively, upholster a statement sofa or armchair with an enveloping design such as Painted Canvas’ Garden Wall velvet. Pair with scatter cushions adorned with complementary botanical prints that create a space for your eyes to land.

Amelia Papaya

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