It’s Time for a Big Adventure

Are you ready for an adventure? School is out for summer so discover our Big Adventure children’s collection of fabrics and coordinating wallpapers.

8th July 2021

Roller skate through Dino City, make a splash in Bubble Reef or play a game of Hide and Seek with your favourite jungle animals.

Let your imagination run wild with our new collection of playful fabrics and wallpapers, designed to show the little ones in your life that anything is possible. The sky is the limit with Big Adventure, just read on and explore a world of fun and endless discovery.

Peek-a-Boo Jungle

Through trailing acacia leaves and swinging treetop monkeys you will find Peek-a-Boo Jungle, the first stop on our Big Adventure.

Why not stay and play a game of hide and seek with your new jungle friends? Look out for friendly sloths, smiling lions and graceful giraffes, all cleverly crafted with a playful collage effect.

Far Far Away

It’s time to go up, up and away! Above the dizzying heights of snow-topped mountains is the land of Far Far Away.

Explore the wonders of the sky in collaged hot air balloons, where the snowy footprints of grizzly bears, the antlers of mountain moose and the tops of woodland trees are all that can be seen.

Animal Tower

Can you hear the tigers roar? You have arrived at Animal Tower.

Watch as safari animals stand as still as statues and carefully stack on top of each other. Wild African birds hover in the skies above, but there is nothing that can topple their cleverly balanced tower.

Dino City

Lace up your roller skates and take a tour of Dino City.

Let your imagination run wild as you zoom past the bright lights of T-Rex Town, towering above skyscrapers with your favourite prehistoric friends. Give your little explorers double the dino fun with this coordinating fabric and wallpaper duo

Doodle Zoo

Welcome to Doodle Zoo! Never fear, there are no tickets needed here; you are free to explore the animals of our wonderful world.

From the deep depths of the Pacific Ocean to the colourful Amazon Rainforest, discover all creatures great and small in this playful Doodle embroidery.

Woodland Walk

Everywhere you look is full of life as you stroll through this enchanting, misty forest scene.

Peaceful deer are at home on hilltops and little bears play on the woodland walk trail. Close your eyes and fall asleep to the sound of birdsong, underneath the soothing pastel-coloured trees.

On Safari

Explore the extraordinary wildlife of Africa at the Big Adventure Safari Park.

Gaze at elegant flamingos, graceful giraffes and majestic elephants as they stand tall amongst the Madagascan baobab trees. Transport bedrooms to the Serengeti and go wild with this coordinating fabric and wallpaper duo.

Bubble Reef

You are nearing the end of our Big Adventure, so dive in and make a splash at Bubble Reef!

Discover this fascinating underwater world and swim amongst the colourful coral and smiling deep-sea creatures in this cleverly collaged ocean scene and coordinating embroidered seascape. 

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