Biophilic Bliss

Form a connection between your indoor space and the outdoors with biophilic design.

13th May 2024

Biophilia in interior design aims to connect our homes with nature, encouraging us to embrace all the benefits to our health and wellbeing it has to offer. 

Nature helps to create a comforting home that instils energy every time you step inside. There is more to creating a biophilic space than just using greenery, though. Using natural materials, fresh colourways, and maximising natural light are all ways you can take a biophilic approach to refreshing a room. Discover our top tips on how you can truly bring the outdoors in.

Choose Green as Your Main Colourway

Closely linked with nature, green helps us feel uplifted, inviting the healing properties of the outdoors, indoors.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Summer House Collection, Poetry Collection, Bloomsbury Collection, Greenhouse Collection

From soft tones of sage through to brighter lime hues and vibrant tropical greens, there are several shades to choose from, depending on your style and scheme. Combine various tones of green to maximise interest. Other colourways to pair green with include powder bluesfresh pinks or uplifting yellows.

Maximise Natural Light at Your Window

The benefits of natural light to our health are endless, meaning biophilic spaces make the most of daylight.

Poetry Collection, New Forest Collection

Sheers are ideal for allowing natural light to gently filter through. Choose delicately embroidered designs and add tactility and interest. For spaces where light control is more essential, curtains are better suited, and can be pulled back to let daylight in. Select fabrics that both reflect and frame outdoor spaces, depicting sprawling scenes of flora and fauna.

Fill Your Home with Plenty of Greenery

No space can be considered biophilic without a range of houseplants occupying it.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Poetry Collection, New Forest Collection, Bloomsbury Collection, Malibu Collection

From towering palm leaves to trailing vines and freshly picked floral arrangements, the options for incorporating nature into your home are endless. Place greenery against curtains finished in coordinating motifs of conversational woodland scenes, or next to an arrangement of scatter cushions. Consider spots where plants will receive sufficient natural light and will be protected from draughts, though.

Create a Space that Flows by Using a Mix of Shapes

Nature is full of diverse forms, shapes, and textures, so reflect this around the room.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) New Forest Collection, Malibu Collection, Bloomsbury Collection, Greenhouse Collection

Curved armchairs, round cushions, and sweeping side tables all help to create a flowing living space. Use accessories such as large potted plants and curved ornaments to add further movement. Use a mix of designs in your fabrics, from more uniform geometric prints to free-flowing embroideries depicting whimsical florals, echoing this sense of movement.

Use Plenty of Natural Materials

Celebrate the beautiful imperfections of nature whilst elevating your biophilic scheme.

New Forest Collection

Use 100% cotton fabrics for your drapery, cushions, or even upholstery. Linen or linen-look fabrics also look beautifully natural, and drape effortlessly at windows. Elsewhere in the room, use jute rugs on your flooring and wicker in furniture and accessories. Showcase architectural features such as stone flooring, brick masonry and wooden accents.

Be Mindful of the Environment with Eco-Friendly Prints

Create a space both inspired by, and conscious of, the earth’s natural elements with fabrics that are kinder to the environment.

New Forest Collection, Palm Springs Collection

Choose prints finished on a textured, sustainable cotton base for a space that is truly connected to the natural world. Hand-drawn designs of vibrant, tropical-inspired flora or natural scenes are ideal for connecting your space to nature. Choose prints in verdant colourways that set the scene for a restorative space.

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