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Recreating the boutique hotel style in our homes has returned for 2023.

6th March 2023

The appeal of our favourite high-end destinations lies in their inherent luxury and trend-led approach to décor, but also their ability to strike the perfect balance between form and function. They achieve a level of comfort and useability that we often wish we could recreate within our own spaces.

Luckily, chic hotels are increasingly blurring the distinction between residential and commercial interior spaces within their décor, so recreating the boutique hotel style has never been easier.

Taking time out to rest and recharge is essential in today’s climate, so discover how to create a space brimming with contemporary glamour this season. From introducing opulent jacquards in jewel tones to complementing with black accessories, we have compiled our expert advice on how to achieve a setting as inspiring as your favourite accommodations.

Colour Your Space Glamorous with Inviting Jewel Tones

Don’t shy away from colour when forming your boutique hotel-inspired scheme.

Moda Collection

Boutique resorts are never short of character, and colour plays a key role in ensuring these destinations remain a talking point among guests long after their stay. Moda’s luxurious palette is perfect for recreating your favourite five-star retreat at home. Look to the collection’s decadent hues of ruby and amber, sticking to two or three key colours to create a consistent scheme that still evokes intrigue. Alternatively, offset darker walls against Moda’s frosty silvers and muted pastels for a contemporary take on the sophisticated theme.

Present Layers upon Layers of Luxurious Finishes

A key element to the boutique hotel’s appeal is their inherent comfort, which comes from the use of multiple layers and indulgent textures.

Moda Collection

Finer finishes such as jacquards showcasing semi-shine qualities create true opulence. Present upon larger furnishings such as contemporary armchairs and sofas that you can truly sink into and relax. Offset these against thick curtains in woven finishes that strike the perfect balance between high-end and inviting. Scale and balance are important aspects of boutique hotel schemes, so opt for complementary colours and patterns to ensure your space remains coordinated. For your accent pieces, cushions in an assortment of small-scale jacquards are perfect for adding snippets of impact to your scheme.

Cocoon your Space and Switch off From the Outside World

Our favourite retreats are a welcome getaway from the fast-paced nature of modern life, so make sure your home reflects a similar level of safety and tranquillity.

Moda Collection

Thick, floor length curtains are both luxurious and functional, and are a perfect solution for blocking out light and other distractions from the outside world. Choose fabrics presenting small-scale geometrics for added depth and interest that double up as a focal point, whilst also being practical when paired with blackout linings for example. We also recommend using richer shades on your wall, opting for a darker palette in larger rooms or going lighter if you are limited on space. Moodier tones ensure a more decadent space, and create a safe haven to truly unwind in. Keep it contemporary and sufficiently light with pops of colour in ecru or pastel tones featured in your soft furnishings, such as curtains or scatter cushions.

Add a Personal Touch or Two with On-trend Accessories

Don’t forget to add your own personal stamp on your space when recreating your favourite boutique hotel.

Moda Collection

You can still emulate the boutique hotel style whilst retaining your home’s identity. Display an assortment of carefully curated trinkets that speak to current interior trends, such as black accessories, cut glassware, and pops of greenery for a lived in, homely touch. Make sure any home comforts are also incorporated into your boutique hotel scheme, from a cosy throw or blanket to your favourite magazines or books placed on your coffee table.

Take a look at the sophisticated finishes of Moda for more inspiration, or locate your nearest stockist

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