Colour Focus: 70s Hues

Transport your space back to this iconic era with a palette that will make your home sing.

24th May 2024

Vibrant, 70s-inspired colourways have made themselves at home in our interiors. Shades of earthy yellows join amber and sunset hues, creating spaces that feel inviting yet uplifting.

Now more than ever, our home needs to be an environment we feel relaxed in. This has led to a rise in nostalgic interior styles that provide feelings of familiarity and comfort. With their earthy, natural roots, retro colours perfectly embody laid-back luxe, whilst diverse textures amplify those all-important touches of luxury. Take a look below at our take on characterful 70s palettes that will inject energy into any space.

Combine Amber and Green for Warm, Uplifting Spaces

Darker shades of green, such as olive through to richer emerald, capture the effortless luxury of the 70s era.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Lisbon Collection, Cuba Collection, Volume Collection, Lisbon Collection, Opulence Collection

Nature started to be a part of our indoor spaces during this period, and so did the presence of green. Both being earthier hues, oranges and greens are complementary colourways. Why not use a mix of olive-green scatter cushions in subtly textured plains for example, paired with a rich copper or rust headboard? Add character with designs of conversational landscapes and geometrics featuring rich amber and green tones.

Use Various Shades of Sunset Hues

Using varying shades of one or two colours can still add character, whilst preventing a scheme from becoming overwhelming.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Savannah Collection, Cuba Collection, Lisbon Collection, Saxon Collection, Opulence Collection, Saxon Collection

Play about with different tones of the same shades, creating relaxed spaces that aren’t too visually stimulating. The 70s were synonymous with brownamber, and copper, and when used together can create an immersive space. Add in lighter tones of blush or rouge to prevent your space from becoming too dark. Earthy yellows are on the rise this season, and also brighten up the typically cosier colour schemes of this era. 

Complement your Palette with Tactile Texture Throughout

70s interiors were known for their love of texture, so use materials that allow colourways to truly pop.

Volume Collection, Savannah Collection

Upholster a chair or sofa in an embossed, cut velvet design, or choose a statement curtain in a tactile embroidery or tufted sheer. Select designs in colours straight from the 70s, such as luxurious copper or honey tones through to more cosy desert and umber hues.

Anchor Richer Colourways with Neutral Backdrops or Accents

Use lighter tones to break up bolder expanses of colour. 

Lisbon Collection

Earthy, 70s-inspired colours truly pop when used against more neutral bases, through curtains or scatter cushions for example. Use pared back shades such as limestone or pebble greys where large expanses of colour will sit, such as on your walls or upholstery. Plains can still create eye-catching schemes, so go for stonewashed finishes and slub effect designs to add subtle interest.

Add in Peach for a Contemporary Palette

Pantone’s 2024 Peach Fuzz brought us an uplifting take on peach, that integrates well into 70s schemes.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Painted Canvas Collection, Vintage Collection, Poetry Collection, Moda Collection, Vintage Weaves Collection, Vintage Collection, Milan Collection, Saxon Collection, Milan Collection, Vintage Weaves Collection

Described as a velvety gentle peach, Pantone’s Peach Fuzz radiates warmth and energy, whilst also being a calming colourway ideal for retro spaces. Pair with darker hues of amber and copper for a contemporary, grown-up look. Add in shades of blue for an unexpected twist on the 70s theme.

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