Colour Trend: Mediterranean Blues

Escape to the Mediterranean this summer in a colour palette of beautiful blue hues.

8th July 2021

The latest colour trend Mediterranean Blues has got us dreaming of sea breezes, glistening waves and sunny blue skies.

Take inspiration from tranquil oceans and exotic beaches and embrace the bright shades in your home. Mostly associated with relaxation, blue is the colour of calm and conjures images of sky and sea.

With holidays looking uncertain this year, bring Mediterranean shores into your home with this uplifting colour palette.

Of course, there are many different shades of blue to choose from; from deep sapphire and inky denim to aqua and sky blue. The on-trend colour can be used in a monochromatic scheme, (a palette using only one colour in varying tones, tints and shades) to creates a harmonious and cohesive interior.

An all-blue colour scheme works perfectly to create a relaxing space that is visually calming.

Using varying hues of blue in your home is a more subtle way of embracing the popular colour. Introducing texture and pattern into a completely blue scheme is a great way to add interest and personality into a space. Our St Kitts embroidery does this perfectly, with the fabric itself featuring different tones of blue.

As well as working well alone, shades of blue pair perfectly with sunny yellows, mimicking the way the sun shines through a bright blue sky.

Sitting at opposite ends of the colour wheel, cobalt blue and sunny yellow shades create a complimentary colour scheme that evokes feelings of optimism and confidence.

Add bursts of colour in statement soft furnishings to instantly energise your surroundings.

Combining tropical landscapes and beautiful blues, our Caribbean collection of luxurious printed velvets, embroideries and wallpapers are the perfect choice for interiors inspired by Mediterranean shores. Pair with yellow accessories in our Belgravia Zest velvet for an interior scheme that instantly takes you to a Mediterranean island.

Our Malibu collection is also an uplifting addition to spaces looking to embrace Mediterranean Blues.

The fabrics feature flowing fronds, fan-shaped ginkgo leaves and scattered trails of eucalyptus, all available in the calming Oasis colourway that embraces varying shades of blue and hints of yellow.

For more Mediterranean Blues inspiration discover our latest Pinterest board.