Connecting with Nature

The desire to capture the beauty of the outdoors in our décor schemes shows no sign of disappearing, with 2023’s design inspirations more wonderful and whimsical than ever.

20th February 2023

Recent events have made us realise how important it is to resume our connection with nature. We still spend a considerable amount of time in our homes though, so having an interior that both reminds us, and is inspired by, the earth’s natural elements is essential.

Introduce design features into your décor scheme that remind you of the serenity of nature, no matter how big or small.

Look to the ethereal designs of Wilderness for a contemporary take on the typically country style. From whimsical prints to leaf-inspired jacquards, the new collection is perfect for intrinsically connecting your home to the outdoors.

Let Nature Take the Lead with your Palette

Introduce your space to fresh shades that take cues from all aspects of nature.

Wilderness Collection

Bright, beautiful shades have the ability to add joy to your space with their inherent freshness, so look to botanical tones to enliven your home. Opt for gentle lilacs, soft periwinkles and fresh lime tones for an on-trend take on the botanical theme. Offset soft furnishings in said shades against more neutral backdrops. White walls and lighter, weathered oak furnishings are perfect for creating a light and airy space that allows ethereal designs upon soft furnishings to take centre stage.

Opt for Motifs Depicting Nature’s Wonders

Keep in touch with the outdoors through designs illustrating intricate flora, sprawling sun palms, and enchanting depictions of foliage.

Wilderness Collection, Anderson Collection, Velour Collection

Designs that intrinsically connect us to nature are both inspiring and ideal for an uplifting space, such as visuals of outdoor scenes and delicate flower work. Reimagine the whimsical theme with contemporary depictions of sprawling sun palms and falling leaves, pairing with trailing embroideries for simplistic beauty. Round off the look with intriguing jacquards such as our Forage design for added depth and interest, perfectly complementing the floral designs of Wilderness. Sticking to a consistent colour palette is especially beneficial when mixing designs, creating depth and harmony whilst preventing a space that feels too busy or overwhelming.

Don’t Leave Natural Finishes at the Door

Acknowledge the universal beauty of nature in your space with finishes that give a nod to the earth’s natural elements.

Wilderness Collection, Velour Collection

Blur the distinction between your indoor space and the outdoors with light oak wood furniture, and make use of exposed wooden floorboards if your home features these. The imperfections of natural wood are perfect for creating a naturally inviting, lived in feel. For a botanically inspired space, incorporate stems of pampas grass and large dandelions, pairing with fresh flowers in a similar palette to your décor.

When selecting finishes for furnishings, opt for designs that not only depict, but are also mindful of, nature’s forms. Look to the PT Eco prints of Wilderness for inspiration. Finished on a slub-based, sustainably sourced cotton, the collection’s prints are an ode to the enduring style for inviting the outdoors in.

Let There be Light

Maximising natural light will not only provide the illusion of a bigger space, but also creates a calming atmosphere and allows you to feel truly at ease.

Wilderness Collection

Whilst using a bright and uplifting palette is ideal for creating a light and airy space, why stop there? Maximising natural light strengthens your home’s connection with nature, so ensure you allow daylight to flood your space. Make use of large bay windows and patio doors by pairing with curtains that you can easily pull back to let natural light pour in. As we head towards Spring and the views outside becoming more enticing by the day, cosy yourself a corner by your window to watch the world go by.

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