Escape to the Mountains

Evoke the simple charm and serenity associated with nature and create your own boutique mountain retreat.

6th February 2024

This season, we have seen a rise in the trend for spaces inspired by the sprawling landscapes of savannahs. The style is lovingly infused with Earth-inspired palettes, thick, woven textures, and an abundance of natural materials, helping to shelter and cocoon you from the elements.

Create a cabin-inspired home that invites you in to hibernate this winter. Emulating the rugged terrain found in the depths of nature, the trend for mountain retreats allows you to enjoy the comforting, restorative aspects of the outside world. So, head into the wild with this enduring trend for diverse textures, earthy tones, and a helping of tribal influences. Sink into a compilation of our top tips below for creating a boutique retreat in the comfort of your own home, and discover the up-and-coming mountain retreat trend.

Select Hues Straight from the Earth’s Palette

 Rich, inviting earth tones are set to continue dominating home décor palettes for 2024, and remain central to the appeal of inviting mountain retreat interiors.

Sierra Collection, Savannah Collection

Dusky colourways of sandstorm and ecru create a gentler scheme, pairing well with lighter, weathered wood oak. Add interest to more pared-back colour schemes with texture, opting for weaves, embroideries, and sheers showcasing unique techniques. Richer hues of desert and sunset through to impactful rouge or maroon shades are ideal for creating a truly cosy look. Keep it suitably uplifting with an abundance of natural materials throughout.

Present Diverse Textures Throughout Your Space

Hunker down and create a home worth hibernating in with a medley of texture.

Sierra Collection, Savannah Collection

Thick, enveloping weaves are perfect for sofas and armchairs that invite you to sink in and appreciate their tactile nature. Create further visual weight and cosiness with characterful prints depicting strikingly textured cross hatches, tribal-inspired motifs and dot work that pay homage to traditional tribal art. In the bedroom, form an enticing space for sleep and present a sumptuous headboard feature adorned with a quilted geometric design, pairing with a coordinating throw. Hang drapery showcasing multi-dimensional techniques at your window, opting for striking chevon stripe embroideries for enveloping floor-length curtains. Alternatively, opt for a lighter tufted sheer to create a more delicate yet intriguing look.

Centre Your Space Around the Outdoors with Abundant Nods to Nature

Make sure any mountain-inspired scheme draws on the plethora of natural materials found beyond your four walls.

Savannah Collection, Sierra Collection

Keep it simple and inviting with weathered woodwork, exposed masonry, and stone flooring, whilst accessories such as wicker baskets present subtle yet effective touches. Warm up stone or wood flooring with woven or sisal rugs. Pair with strands of towering pampas grass or leafy greens in complementary stone pottery or browned glassware. Alternatively, place hanging baskets adorned with trailing vines around the room, adding in reminders of nature wherever your eyes land.

Incorporate Tribal Elements into Your Scheme

Pay homage to the timeless styles of distant cultures.

Sierra Collection, Savannah Collection

Embrace the tribal style with statement wall art, sculptures, or accessories, providing a window into the cultures that have inspired your mountain retreat. Instead, why not create a wall hanging from fabrics in striking geometrics? Pair with drapery in designs that allude to traditional tribal art for added cohesion. Look to carved woodblock-style leaf effects, abstract feathers, bold chevrons or intricate dot work that are all perfect for layering.

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