Fashion-Inspired Spaces

There is an undeniable synergy between fashion and interior design, and SS24 is taking cues from the catwalks.

20th February 2024

Fashion trends are often trickling down from the runways into the world of interiors, with the two industries evidently intertwined. Both encourage us to express ourselves through our favourite styles and palettes, offering a glimpse into our personalities.

One theme we have seen translated from the runway into homes is the enduring 70s style. Retro prints and vibrant palettes, as well as designs paying homage to tailoring are all dominating the interiors sector this season. From the houses of high fashion to your own home, this season’s fabrics make it easier than ever to recreate your favourite couture-inspired looks. Read on and discover the latest additions to our trend-led portfolio of fabrics, that encourage you to create a fashion-inspired space.

Set the Perfect Backdrop with Vibrant Prints

Make an impact with rich illustrations of flora, finished in equally punchy palettes that allude to retro styles.

Milan Collection

Textured, slub cotton-base prints adorned with blossoming flora encapsulate the current trend for retro-infused florals, which are now gracing interiors with the same character and vibrance. Present through full-length curtains that make an undeniably bold statement, framing outdoor views with contemporary maximalism. Pair with upholstery finished in versatile plains, opting for colourways featured in your curtain fabric. Alternatively, make a feature of a sofa or armchair and cover with 70s florals, pairing with delicate drapery finished in ombre-effect embroideries for a whimsical twist.

Feature Flashes of Complementary Colour through Punchy Plains

Highlight invigorating palettes found in your prints and weaves with plains that share the same celebration of colour.

Milan Collection, Style Collection

Plains are ideal for breaking up large expanses of pattern whilst maintaining a vibrant feel. From bright tones of fuchsia and uplifting peppermint hues through to rich shades of forest, select colourways featured in designs around the room and present on larger furnishings. Alternatively, perch scatter cushions in coordinating plains upon statement upholstery pieces for the perfect finishing touches. When selecting more conversational designs for your scheme, opt for those with neutral tones running throughout that allow each to be used in harmony with one another.

Allude to Tailored Fashion with Checks and Stripes

Tailoring has also influenced interior design in recent seasons, with the inherently sleek, uniform style evoking effortless sophistication whilst complementing more vibrant styles.

Milan Collection

Checks and stripes have remained enduringly popular, both in fashion and interiors. This is owing to their ability to complement a range of décor schemes, whilst creating the illusion of a larger space. This season, however, we are once again seeing a resurgence thanks to the rise of tailored fashion. Looking for an alternative to plains on larger furnishings? Swap these out for sophisticated check and stripe designs exhibiting a playful edge with multi-tonal effects, for swathes of unexpected character.

Create Further Excitement with a Curation of Contemporary Accessories

Accessorise your space like you would your outfit and complement with snippets of excitement throughout.

Milan Collection

Artisanal, handmade ornaments such as hand-finished terracotta vases create a pared-back, lived-in feel that contrast perfectly against more loud-and-proud finishes. Add in florals and leafy greens inspired by those featured in your fabrics, such as towering palm fronds in woven plant pots. Team with rattan or wicker elsewhere in the room such as through a contemporary egg chair or bench. Rattan also pairs beautifully with bleached wood that is reminiscent of the 70s style, so feature wooden finishes through armchairs, sofas, or table legs.

Take cues from the catwalk and discover our new Milan Collection, or take a look at the punchy palette of Style

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