Heritage Threads

Recreate the Arts and Crafts style with a mix of nature-inspired designs, rich, floral colourways, and a general sense of whimsical beauty.

8th April 2024

Layered florals, intricate embroideries, and sprawling, Jacobean-inspired designs all speak to the Arts and Crafts era beautifully. Gaining popularity in the 19th century, the style has gradually blossomed into modern-day interpretations that are as timeless and dramatic as the designs they have been inspired by. 

Add a period feel to any home, thanks to heritage-inspired fabrics that present stitches through time. The Arts and Crafts movement has established itself as an iconic trend within the interiors space, and shows no signs of slowing. Today’s interpretations make obvious the style’s close ties with nature, with large-scale, trailing blooms, vibrant outdoor scenes and intricately designed leaves just snippets of this highly stylised trend. So, form easy-going, crafted spaces perfect for upcoming spring days with our selection of top tips.

Go Bold in Your Home with Highly Detailed Designs

Rich, decorative fabrics are central to the Arts and Crafts movement, so don’t be afraid to opt for conversational prints or free-flowing embroideries, for example.

Poetry Collection, Journal Collection

The more large-scale the design, the bigger the impact. Fabrics featuring trailing floralsplayful wildlife and sprawling foliage, as well as conversational scenes of nature, convey the movement perfectly. Looking for the ideal fabric for your next upholstery project? Create a centerpiece and present on a large footstool, or make a feature of your window space with vibrant, free-flowing embroideries that echo high fashion’s revival of the folklore trend.

Make a Handful of Small Changes for an Impactful Spring Refresh

You don’t have to make dramatic updates to your scheme to successfully incorporate the Arts and Crafts style into your home.

Bloomsbury Collection, English Garden Collection

Recreate current trends, whilst enjoying the flexibility to swap out designs as seasons or tastes change. Alternate your cushion covers for designs showcasing large-scale, pattern-on-pattern designsJacobean-inspired florals, or rich blooms found within English country gardens, ensuring maximum impact through quick and easy updates. Coordinate with colourways featured in your upholstery, or pair with vibrant striped designs for a striking contrast of pattern. Drape a matching throw across your sofa for added impact, and place next to a curation of your favourite flowers in a carefully arranged bouquet.

Take Inspiration from Nature’s Rich Palette

Many modern-day florals with heritage roots have been reimagined for contemporary spaces, often finished in confident, nature-inspired palettes that create timeless looks.

English Garden Collection, Bloomsbury Collection

Found consistently in Arts-and-Crafts-inspired designs, green should be your first choice when selecting colourways for your Jacobean scheme. From delicate sages to richer, more verdant hues, green is intrinsically connected to nature and all of its healing properties, and is therefore perfect for creating tranquil schemes. Other colourways we would recommend include fresh hues spanning rose and fuchsia to teal, or ruby reds for a more impactful look. Add in mushroom browns and powder blues for a contemporary twist.

Showcase Intricate Techniques for a Diverse Space

From vibrant prints and delicate embroideries to ornate jacquards, the Arts and Crafts movement celebrates a range of qualities.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Journal Collection, Poetry Collection

Mix densely layered printsintricate embroideries showcasing free-flowing natural scenes, and richly hued weaves. Woven stripes provide the perfect base for layering when used for upholstery, too. The movement also places an importance on natural materials, so pair with elements such as distressed wood, stone flooring, and exposed brickwork for a rustic, lived-in feel. 

Add Greenery Featured Within Your Fabrics Into Your Space 

Central to the appeal of the Arts and Crafts style is its connection to nature, so make sure there are constant reminders of the outdoors throughout.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Bloomsbury Collection, Poetry Collection, English Garden Collection

Take inspiration from wild blooms spotted within your fabrics, and present a curation of your favourite florals in vases finished in complementary colourways. Alternatively, add in trailing vines or potted greenery in brightly coloured pots for a true nod to nature. Present proudly within window spaces to create an extension of the outdoors.

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