How to Incorporate Spring Florals into the Home

Blossoms are blooming, a warm breeze is blowing, and the feeling of hope is in the air. Spring has finally arrived.

21st April 2022

As we watch the leaves and flowers flourish, the desire to refresh our homes to escape the hurry of day-to-day life and find comfort in nature grows.

Did you know that florals are a symbol for renewed strength, hope and fresh starts? As winter officially comes to a close and the warm air settles in, we look to embrace the change in season. One way to do this is by introducing a fresh, Spring floral scheme to our homes through bright colour palettes and soft furnishings. So, whether you’re longing for bold blossoms or a subtle nod to pastel posies, have a read through our tips to bring the feel of the outside in this season.

Sri Lanka Collection

Colour with Confidence

It’s a well-known fact that colour plays an important role in making the home an inviting, cosy space. Bright and bold colour schemes will make a room feel energetic where a palette of pastel perfection will bring a feeling of calm.

Create a colour scheme with nature at its heart. Think pastel shades of periwinkle blue, soft yellows and muted greens for a truly calming interior that captures the natural beauty of Spring. Pair with natural wood and rattan accessories and style cosy areas to sit back and relax.

Meadow Collection

Why not embrace a mix of bright and striking hues for a palette that packs a punch? Make a statement and utilise a lively colour palette of rich oranges, sunny yellows, bold blues, and greens to allow for an expressive modern take. Alternatively, opt for a timeless chintz scheme for a conventional, British country feel.

Summer House Collection

A pop of fresh white breaks up the lively colour and works to enhance the natural Spring sunlight. The vivid colour palette in the Harlow collection will bring a lively and fresh feel to any space.

Harlow Collection

Put a twist on the traditional floral scheme and opt for a colour palette that adds a sense of drama. Explore contrasting, earthy hues of rich reds and decadent greens in keeping with nature and pair detailed floral prints with complementing patterns. Style with natural wood furnishings to create a warm, cosy feel in the home.

Sri Lanka Collection

In Bloom

Thanks to the extensive range of flora and fauna that nature has to offer, there are so many ways to create a floral interior scheme.

From intricate botanicals and tropical palms to soft meadow sprigs and traditional British blooms, you can be sure to find a floral scheme to suit your home and personality.

Be inspired by botanical florals and exotic foliage to transform your space into a tropical paradise. Pair detailed trailing leaf designs with vibrant fruit and fern embroideries to create a summery sanctuary, bringing a relaxed feel into the home.

Adopt a country look in the home with quintessentially British blooms; think hydrangeas and bluebells or Jacobean florals for a more traditional style. Discover beautifully painted floral prints that will take centre stage and pair with budding branches and blooming flowerbeds that fit the theme for a cohesive and confident look.

Embrace the natural beauty of the Spring season and explore soft wildflowers and meadow posies to replicate the coming-to-life of nature. Bring the outside in with ditsy florals in pastel shades to create a feeling of restoration and calm within the home.  

Meadow Collection

Cosy Corners

In the Spring spirit of fresh starts, healing, and restoration, it’s important to create serene spaces to take time to escape our busy lives.

Find those quiet corners in your home and utilise the area to act as a retreat. Furnish with benches or a large, statement chair in wide window spaces and decorate with cushions, blankets, and seat pads for a cosy feel. Add shelving or utilise storage benches to keep the space tidy and even allow for a reading corner, creating the ultimate, relaxing space.

Stripes for Spring

Elevate your Spring floral scheme with complementary patterns and brightly coloured fabrics for a confident and sophisticated home styling.

Harlow Collection

Complement busy, floral designs with bright stripes for a modern twist or stick to the theme with the addition of tile designs reminiscent of orangeries. Why not add a damask design to the scheme for a subtle take on florals? The soft hues of Tiana, the intricate damask from the Sri Lanka collection, makes a perfect pairing to bold florals, or explore a less traditional take with the vibrant, distressed damask, Bowood.

For a more pared back look, add in some semi-plain fabrics to contrast the busy designs to create balance and harmony.

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