Live the Grecian Lifestyle

Introducing Santorini, our new collection of prints, damasks, and tactile jacquards inspired by the natural beauty of Grecian islands.

21st September 2022

With its dreamy palette, rustic charm, and laid-back feel, recreating the Grecian style within our homes has been a rising trend recently.

From embracing Aegean colourways to taking a ‘less is more’ approach, we have collated some key tips for creating a truly Grecian living space.

Are you wanting to keep fond memories of your summer travels alive? Seek out inspiration from Aegean shores when breathing new life into your décor scheme. Discover how you can effortlessly recreate the Grecian style in your home and maintain that holiday high.

Tranquil Colourways

When selecting shades for your Grecian-inspired scheme, look to white-washed Aegean shores for inspiration.

No other shades are quite as synonymous with Grecian interiors as white and blue. With its light reflecting properties, white presents the ideal backdrop to light and airy spaces. Incorporate this versatile shade into your décor scheme through your walls and larger furnishings, forming the base of your Grecian look.

To complement, opt for Santorini’s eye-catching azures, washed cobalts, and soft teals for the ultimate Mediterranean retreat. While darker shades of indigo maintain a sophisticated look, lighter blues will keep a scheme bright and relaxed. Pair rich shades of blue with shale grey hues for a contemporary spin on the Grecian theme.

Embrace Pattern and Texture

Tactile textures and vibrant patterns are key to any Grecian interior, so incorporate the two into your décor scheme to create a space full of character.

Jacquards are a staple fabric in any Aegean home, and can often be found paired with vibrant geometric prints. With tilework also featuring prevalently in traditional Grecian interiors, painterly tile prints are perfect for rounding off the Mediterranean look. Utilise for soft furnishings such as throws and scatter cushions for a laid-back, homely feel, along with complementary stripe designs for a cohesive scheme. Present a medley of scatter cushions in assorted patterns and textures upon rustic wood furnishings to create a stunning focal point.

Less is More

The Grecian style is notoriously minimalistic, so opt for a pared back look with minimal furnishings, along with carefully curated accessories.

When selecting furniture, opt for less invasive pieces such as smaller sofas, simple wooden-framed armchairs, and compact side tables finished in white. An exception to the ‘less is more’ rule is made for soft furnishings. These are often found in abundance in any Grecian home; comfort is a key factor of Greek interiors. Flood your space with scatter cushions and round off the look with co-ordinating throws for a cosy feel.

Grecian décor schemes blur the boundary between outside and in, so opt for sprawling palms, cacti, or even potted olive trees for a Mediterranean flair. Blue glass vases are also staple accessories found in Greek homes, and pair beautifully with coordinating cobalt fabrics.

Natural finishes

Natural materials feature prevalently in Greek interiors, so showcase these finishes to add texture and interest to spaces.

Wicker baskets and jute rugs are simple yet effective additions that evoke a laid-back feel, synonymous with the Grecian lifestyle. Furniture in natural materials such as weathered wood and wicker are perfect for connecting your space with nature, whilst taking cues from exotic destinations. For a cohesive look, pair conversational, pattern-heavy fabrics with rattan and wicker furnishings.

There is certainly no shortage of rustic character in Grecian homes, so make sure to showcase any exposed brick or stonework. Paint such features in white for a true ode to Greek interior design. White wood panelling is another alternative, which similarly replicates the rustic Grecian aesthetic.

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