Modern Muse

Embrace the nostalgia of retro with a contemporary edge.

18th September 2020

Living spaces are turning to the comfort of nostalgia this season, with interiors influenced by mid-century geometrics and playful blocks of colour.

Inspired by the current love for nostalgic décor, the Modern Muse trend has taken the bold shapes from retro interiors and placed them in contemporary spaces.

Embrace nostalgia and create a sense of calm and familiarity in your interior.

Many people have found comfort in the art of reminiscing this year, turning to old movies, music and fashion trends to transport themselves to a time before 2020.

This new love for reminiscing has been apparent in trends for interiors, with retro-inspired spaces becoming a top choice for homes this Autumn/Winter.

The designers of our new Muse collection have given us fresh take on the retro theme, with the seven-piece collection showcasing mid century geometrics in a bold, yet sophisticated palette.

Influenced by a vogue for arty interiors, Muse has nostalgia embedded in its creation, with designs from the collection referencing cultural icons from throughout the decades.

The collection pays tribute to famous muses from the fashion and art world, with designs such as Frida (Frida Kahlo) and Astaire (Fred Astaire) bringing the spirit of the past to the present.

If you’re looking to embrace the Modern Muse trend in your living space, incorporate soft furnishings in fabrics from the retro-inspired collection.

The cotton satin and chenille prints, alongside the coordinating, small-scale jacquards, make the perfect addition to any interior in both mix and match cushions and stand-out floor-length drapery. If you’re looking for a more maximalist space, the large-scale geometric designs Astaire, Frida, Gisele and Kiki, all make a statement in bold, colourful upholstery that inject personality into any interior.

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