New Season: New Inspiration

Dress your interiors to impress this season and be inspired by our captivating new designs.

4th September 2023

7 new collections have been introduced for the season, whilst our staple plain Saxon has been given a new lease of life with 23 new colourways. Unique tales of intrigue are told through each and every fabric, with each collection working collaboratively to create cohesive whole room schemes, whilst also presenting beautifully as standalone designs.

Vibrant depictions of Eastern Asian cultures, multi-tonal weaves, and tropical-inspired jacquards highlight the inherent luxury of our A/W 23 launch. From the runways of high fashion houses to sweeping landscapes, our design team have found inspiration in all corners of the world. Take a look below at our latest collections and the stories behind their inspiration, allowing yourself to be drawn in by their captivating beauty.

Poetry Encapsulates the Revival of Folklore

A whimsical combination of prints, jacquards, and embroideries all pay homage to the Arts and Crafts movement in Poetry.

Poetry Collection

Conversational Jacobean prints depict trailing florals and painterly woodland scenes, whilst delicately tactile embroideries create maximum interest through a range of techniques. Soft style, contemporary geometrics create welcome contrast against timeless finishes, with an embroidered sheer rounding off Poetry’s whimsical nature. The story of folklore continues into the collection’s palette, with comforting tones, ranging from delicate sages to deep navy hues, owing a nod to the collection’s ethereal influences.

Japandi is Given a Luxurious Twist by Jasmine

Mesmerising landscapes have been perfectly encapsulated in the Jasmine Collection’s orientally-inspired finishes.

Jasmine Collection

Jasmine pays homage to the beauty of Japanese influences, with statement, full colour prints, all part of our PT Eco portfolio, taking centre stage. From swooping heron birds and oriental florals in full bloom, the collection effortlessly captures the beauty of East Asian culture. Metallic hints are featured throughout Jasmine’s duo of inspirational jacquards, for a luxurious twist on the enduring Japandi trend. Jasmine’s oriental influences continue into the collection’s palette, with snippets of topaz, gentle sage hues and rich honey tones accompanying expressive interpretations of tranquil locations.

Meet Echo’s Take on Tropical Luxury

Allow yourself to be transported through lush rainforests, with maximalist depictions of exotic flora and fauna in the Echo Collection.

Echo Collection

Maximalism and outdoor influences go hand-in-hand in Echo. Opulent jacquards remain the star of the show, with two-tone palm leaves and tactile geometric designs exhibiting subtle sheen effects. An iridescent velvet suitable for upholstery showcases a striking animal print, whilst a matt-finish palm embroidery creates welcome contrast against Echo’s prevalent hints of metallic. The collection’s palette exudes opulence, spanning jewel tones, amber and midnight hues. Striking gold accents and moodier, enveloping shades upon walls coordinate effortlessly with the collection’s loud-and-proud nature.

Striking yet Subtle Sheers are the Cornerstone of Blanco

Blanco presents a trio of wide width sheers that each spark subtle interest within a gallery of intriguing designs.

Blanco Collection

Intricate herringbone and cross hatch finishes add character to 3 wide width designs, draping beautifully in even the largest of window spaces. Each finish has been designed to pair cohesively with one another, owing a nod to the rising trend for layered window finishes. A stonewashed effect creates an effortlessly lived-in feel, complemented by Blanco’s soft, delicate palette, spanning sage tones to dusky pink hues for a characterful take on the trend for sheers.

Sierra Encapsulates Diverse Landscapes and Rugged Mountain Ranges

6 intriguing weaves guarantee visual interest through woven techniques and contemporary colourways in Sierra.

Sierra Collection

Multi-tonal finishes and space-dyed yarns run throughout the collection’s 6 designs, for a fresh take on the enduring trend for woven finishes. Vibrant, small-scale geometrics, intriguing multi-dimensional designs, and boucle yarn finishes all create added interest. All designs are suitable for upholstery yet drape beautifully, suiting Sierra to cocooning whole-room schemes or striking focal points within a space. Sierra’s influences of rugged landscapes are anchored by an Earthy palette, with natural tones ranging through to dusky pinks and vibrant amber hues creating beautifully layered, inviting décor schemes.

Decadence Remains At the Heart of Opulence

Opulence presents a range of faux silk finishes showcasing textured slubs reminiscent of raw silk, creating endless visual intrigue.

Opulence Collection

Finished in 37 diverse colourways, ranging from rich jewel tones and on-trend midnight hues to core naturals, Opulence is suited to the most decadent yet contemporary spaces. A striking balance of versatility and elegance is encapsulated in the collection’s luxurious finish, with Opulence ideal for both drapery and light upholstery in a range of interior settings.

Buxton is Enduringly Simple Yet Stylish

Our diverse portfolio of plain fabrics has acquired a striking new addition; say hello to Buxton.

Buxton Collection

The quintessence of simplicity and style, Buxton presents an inherently versatile plain finish, complemented by a subtle stonewash marl effect for added interest. The collection is suited to upholstery, drapery, blinds, and accessories, with a trend-led palette, spanning core naturals to contemporary desert tones, firmly establishing Buxton as a staple offering within the PT range.

Saxon’s Palette is Now More Diverse Than Ever

Our enduringly popular plain fabric has acquired 23 new colourways, inspired by the latest on-trend hues.

Saxon Collection

Breathing new life into our enduringly popular plain offering, a revised palette presents countless ways to pair Saxon with individual tastes in home décor styling. From gentler neutrals to warming amber tones, the latest interior trends have been key sources of inspiration for Saxon’s updated colourways, providing a staple finish that will remain contemporary for years to come.

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