Nordic Christmas

It’s the most wonderful season of all, and this year, we’re enjoying a twist on nostalgic Christmas scenes.

11th December 2023

Not just a minimalist’s dream, the Nordic Christmas trend that has graced interiors this year is the perfect respite from traditionally conversational seasonal schemes.

Paying homage to the less-is-more approach adopted in Scandinavian interiors, this contemporary trend urges you to pay equal consideration to style and substance this season. Soothing colourways, natural textures, and all-important snippets of sparkle make this the perfect accompaniment to a cosy space, renewing your appreciation for the winter seasons. So, read on to unwrap the Nordic Christmas trend with us and emulate the laid-back yet inviting Scandi style.

Keep your Colour Palette Muted

 Central to this inherently calming trend are neutral colour palettes inspired by the Earth’s delicate forms.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Craft Collection, Nordic Collection,  Moda Collection, Zircon Collection, Rustic Collection, Campbell Collection

Look to soft hues of warm neutrals, whilst cool silvers will add that much needed festive touch. Incorporate richer Earth tones and verdant greens to add depth and comfort to otherwise clean and bright schemes. Add in hints of gentle pastels for dashes of subtle interest. For that much-needed winter sparkle, showcase pops of metallic through opulent textured velvets in shades inspired by striking natural forms, such as crystal and slate.

Stay Cosy and Cocooned with a Myriad of Inviting Textures

Add interest to more muted schemes whilst ensuring you and your guests are sheltered from the harsh winter elements, with a gallery of sumptuous finishes.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Sierra Collection, Campbell Collection, Craft Collection

With the bright, fresh nature of Nordic colour schemes, make sure you and your guests remain cosy surrounded by inviting finishes. Layer gentle linens against tactile embroideries, thick, woven designs, and teddy-like boucles in fresh, wintery hues to create your own sanctuary. Pair with faux fur blankets and throws and drape upon seating areas for your guests to wrap up warm. Instead, why not present faux fur through sprawling rugs beneath their feet for a winter wonderland?

Reference Nature Throughout your Space

Nordic spaces have always been centred around the great outdoors, and this is especially true during the festive season.

Whisp Collection, Craft Collection

Allow bright, weathered wood finishes to take centre stage, pairing with wooden and paper Christmas decorations for a nod to the Scandinavian Christmas style. Swap out maximalist tinsel for garlands adorned with pine cones, holly, and festive berries, pairing with sprawling pampas and succulents placed upon mantlepieces or sideboards. Weave in subtle, twinkling fairy lights throughout your space to give pared-back, natural finishes a much-needed festive lift.

Don’t Forget to Add Touches of Festive Sparkle

Blend the contemporary minimalism of Scandinavian interiors with helpings of understated sparkle for a quintessentially Nordic Christmas.

Zircon Collection, Echo Collection

Make your scheme truly sing with metallic accents presented through your fabrics, baubles, and garlands. Hints of metallic also help to gently cast light around the room from warm-toned, twinkling fairy lights and flickering candles. For a true nod to the Scandi Christmas style, opt for paper decorations in traditional Nordic motifs adorned with gold and bronze effects. Candlestick holders, photo frames and trinkets are also ideal for adding a hint of sparkle, whilst also standing the test of time year-round.

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