Out of This World

Celestial forms are permeating the world of interior design this year.

22nd January 2024

Go stargazing with this season’s interpretations of striking constellations and moonscapes, and prepare to immerse your interiors in the enchanting beauty of the unknown.

Rising in popularity within the fashion sector, the celestial style, incorporating stars, orbs, and otherworldly motifs, has migrated into the home décor space for 2024. Designed to fill us with wonder and excitement about the wider universe, this trend is guaranteed to create a captivating ambience wherever it is presented. Don’t feel as though you have to take the celestial approach quite so literally, though. Simply pay homage to space-inspired forms through fabrics, dreamy palettes, and other décor touches that evoke the style perfectly. Delve in below and find out exactly how you can do so yourself.

Allude to Otherworldly Forms Through Ethereal Fabrics

 Opt for designs presenting hints of metallic and shimmering finishes that sparkle like the night sky.

Celeste Collection, Velour Collection

Celeste’s warp-printed jacquard, Aries, boasts a striking ombre effect with a subtle metallic finish for a dose of cosmic luxury. Suitable for upholstery, use our Aries fabric on focal pieces of furniture, such as statement armchairs and matching footstools for a cosy reading nook. Pair with the remainder of Celeste’s gallery of finishes, spanning semi-matt, foil-printed velvets, opulent jacquards, and a sumptuous chenille, for whole room schemes steeped in ethereal beauty. Utilise the inherently luxurious texture of velvet for a coordinating plain. Our revised Velour fabric provides the perfect solution, and is now offered in 14 new, on-trend colourways, designed to coordinate with a range of celestial-inspired schemes.

Stick to a Cosmic Colour Palette

Look to the night sky when searching for colour inspiration.

Celeste Collection

Think rich, vivid gemstones when forming your celestial palette. These pair well with hints of metallic and satin effects found elsewhere within a room. Dream of rich blue shades spanning topaz to electrifying sapphire, pairing with versatile yet impactful tones of mercury and pewter for a nod to the depths of space. Alternatively, enjoy a dose of colour character with shades such as quartz or amethyst, embodying the welcome rise of pink in interiors.

Allow Light to Twinkle Around the Room

Light up your space like the night sky by allowing natural light to bounce around effortlessly.

Celeste Collection

Start with your windows, pulling back curtains and making sure your window space is as exposed as possible, flooding your space with natural light. Frame outdoor views with beautiful warp-printed jacquards that allude to the intriguing surface of the moon. Incorporate glass furnishings such as coffee tables, or opt for accessories such as glass vases for a subtler approach. Alternatively, consider a mirror for your wall, which can create the illusion of a bigger space as light dances around the room.

Add in Snippets of Opulence with Metallic Accents

Insert celestial reminders and touches of sparkle that give your home a much-needed uplift.

Celeste Collection

Side tables, lamps, furniture legs, and accessories such as vases or trinket dishes provide the perfect opportunity to showcase gold or silver metallic accents. Incorporate hints of metallic into more permanent hardware in your space such as light switches, for little reminders of opulence throughout your home.

Contrast Delicately Shimmering Fabrics With Beautifully Raw Natural Materials

Hardwearing finishes such as stone, slate, and even wood create an unmistakable look of lived-in luxe.

Celeste Collection

Glossy tiling, whether laying upon your floor or elsewhere, pairs effortlessly with touches of celestial décor. Terrazzo marble looks truly stunning, with its unique specks running throughout reminiscent of glistening stars. However, tiles in grey and natural hues look equally as striking. Marble surfaces presented upon side tables or home accessories create a more pared-back yet equally as luxe finish. Alternatively, introduce black wood accents for a striking look, whilst injecting a dose of natural beauty.

Step into the faraway world of our new Celeste Collection, or take a look at our revised Velour fabric, now finished in 14 new colourways

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