Pattern Focus

Introducing Marrakesh, a collection of tactile embroideries, jacquards, and luxurious satin finishes, inspired by the vibrant culture of Morocco.

30th September 2022

Pattern is a hot topic this season. The power of pattern lies in the fact it can create whatever space you’d like it to. Whether that’s a calming oasis or a vibrant and dramatic setting, the choice is yours.

Explore your passion for pattern and create a home that sings of happiness and personality. Our experts have provided some key tips on how best to approach the rising interior design trend, for a home that gets everyone talking.

Experiment with Pattern

For those just starting out on their pattern journey, it can be especially daunting to commit to such characterful designs within décor schemes.

If this sounds like you, we would always advise adding pattern in small yet impactful stages. Reserve plain fabrics for big expanses of furniture if the idea of ‘pattern drenching’ seems daunting. Small furnishings showcasing rich, luxurious designs are a great way to test the waters, through scatter cushions and even throws if you’re feeling more adventurous. Make sure to coordinate with larger furnishings by selecting cohesive colourways in order to create a rounded look.

Create a Focal Point

Select a feature design or two from your treasure trove of pattern and coordinate the rest of your scheme accordingly.

Feature focal pieces within your space in eye-catching designs that truly steal the show. Allow these designs to take centre stage and layer on complementary fabrics that add snippets of depth and texture, whilst creating a harmonious interior. Floor length curtains presenting tactile embroideries in rich, jewel-like tones are perfect lead characters. Alternatively, larger furnishings such as armchairs in sumptuous jacquards can create endless drama and interest, accompanied by complementary designs in jewel tones that anchor decadent schemes.

Balance is Key

Be sure to give your décor scheme room to breathe and avoid overloading areas on pattern.

Ensure pattern is incorporated into the room consistently, and avoid making certain areas too pattern-heavy. Pair an assortment of intricately patterned cushions with a more understated sofa or larger furnishing, for example. Alternatively, opt for smaller furnishings in simpler fabrics if they sit amongst vast expanses of pattern in a room.

Marrakesh’s intriguing variety of textures are complemented beautifully by our Secret range of plains, which anchor the opulent theme. Offset bold patterns and colours against simpler, neutral shades on walls that won’t be competing for attention. Finally, round off the look with gold accents and darker, orange-tinted glassware for a luxurious and contemporary take.

Daring Décor Schemes

For those looking to take a maximalist approach to pattern, opt for a medley of confident and contrasting patterns in complementary shades for a striking look.

Be sure to layer patterns of diverse texture and scale together, presenting decadent weaves, tactile embroideries, and sumptuous jacquards alongside one another. Stick to three or four key designs, and balance them evenly throughout a room to avoid overwhelming a space. Ensure designs speak to one another in unison in terms of their colourways, either complementing or coordinating with one another. We recommend opting for two key shades that pair cohesively, preventing your space from becoming too chaotic. Marrakesh’s Tigers Eye and Jade colourways work in unison to present a wonderfully punchy contrast.

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