Personality-Infused Spaces

Make your home an extension of your personality, and create a space that simply makes you smile.

10th June 2024

Décor that speaks to your style and reflects your personality is central to making your house a home. Focus on creating something fun, vibrant, and joy-inducing.

2024 is the year to express yourself, so transform your home into a canvas of self-expression with designs rich in pattern and colour. Fabrics inspired by vibrant destinations, diverse pattern mixes, and bright colour palettes will all make your heart sing. 

Use a Vibrant Design as the Starting Point for Your Scheme

Start with one statement piece and start to build your space around this.

Milan Collection

Allocate a fabric from your drapery, upholstery, or even one of your favourite scatter cushions as an inspiration piece. From retro-inspired florals to painterly tropical birds, nominate a design as your conversation starter, allowing other fabrics and furnishings to complement. Select colours featured in your statement fabric and use these in other places around the room, on your walls or through other fabrics. Pair with contrasting patterns or textures to add further impact.

Mix and Match Contrasting Patterns and Textures

Provide endless interest with a mix of your favourite patterns and textures.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Painted Canvas Collection, Cuba Collection, Milan Collection, Style Collection, Maharaja Collection

Don’t follow design rules too closely, and instead mix contrasting designs such as floralsgeometrics, and stripes. Tropical prints, contemporary geometrics, and fashion-inspired weaves all guarantee visual impact, especially in richer colourways. Create cohesion and prevent a space from becoming too busy by sticking to a consistent palette, using up to three colourways.

Treat Your Walls as Blank Canvases

Often the first aspect of a room we lay eyes on, your walls present the perfect opportunity to add character.

Maharaja Collection, Style Collection, Caribbean Wallpaper Collection

Colour drenching walls instantly brightens up and personalises a room, whilst tying elements such as drapery, upholstery and accessories together. Alternatively, you can choose a wallpaper with scenes of vibrant tropical foliage? Alternatively, choose a fabric wall hanging. Take a trip to your favourite destinations with colourful prints inspired by vibrant Indian summers, or opt for maximalist depictions of Caribbean jungles.

Choose Bright, Saturated Colourways for Your Palette

Arguably the most important, and fun elements of personality-infused spaces, are the bold palettes.

Maharaja Collection

Turquoisefuchsia, and sunshine yellows are all shades that will maintain interest and excitement. Colour block with plains in punchy palettes, selecting hues from fabrics around the room to add flashes of complementary colour throughout. If you feel overwhelmed by using lots of bright colour, start with a neutral base, using white on your walls and building up your palette through smaller soft furnishings.

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