Scandi Roots

Scandinavian interiors will never go out of fashion, but this timeless style continues to evolve and stay relevant for contemporary spaces.

22nd April 2024

2024 truly is the year of cosy, and nothing says relaxation quite like Nordic homes. A melting pot of neutral palettes, inviting textures, and natural materials, Scandi interiors are known for promoting feelings of calm and contentment through its simple style.

Revert to life in the slow lane and take a moment to appreciate effortless Nordic elegance. Deep-rooted in acknowledging the beauty of simplicity, Scandinavian spaces urge you to keep things fuss-free when decorating. Instead, pay attention to detail and focus on adding interest with tactile textures, natural elements, and a wide variety of earth tones that work harmoniously to create feelings of peace. Read on for a helping of tips on creating the perfect Scandi-inspired space.

Dabble in This Season’s Palette of New Neutrals

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when the latest earth-inspired neutrals look so inviting.

Scandi Collection, Craft Collection

From muted tones of clay and subtle silvers through to hints of fresh sage hues, Scandi palettes encourage you to use pared back colourways. Add impact with richer shades of copper and rust reminiscent of the 70s, or go for refreshing yet understated pastel tones to add subtle interest. Use varying shades and tones of similar colourways throughout, keeping your walls neutral or making use of exposed brickwork for example. Present richer variations of colourways through your fabric.

Use a Mixture of Diverse Textures

Keep your palette pared back and allow texture to do the talking.

Scandi Collection, Campbell Collection

Opt for soft, teddy-like finishes for upholstery pieces that urge you to sit down and relax. Boucle remains a firm favourite for upholstery in 2024, so play about with varying weights on armchairs, footstools, and complementary scatter cushions. For a contemporary look, pair with intriguing boucle jacquardstufted geometrics, and 3D rope embroideries through scatter cushions and inviting throws, creating a feast for the senses.

Add Hints of Elegance with Metallic Accents

Snippets of metallic scattered throughout add subtle sophistication to pared-back Scandi schemes.

Echo Collection, Craft Collection

Fabrics featuring decorative hints of metallic are ideal for incorporating that all-important shine into your space. Take it one step further with striking animal motifs finished in metallic palettes sporting a subtle sheen. Other areas to incorporate metallic into your space include trimmings and tassels, lighting fixtures, ornaments or curtain poles and tiebacks.

Blur the Distinction Between Your Indoor Space and Outdoors

The beauty of nature remains central to the appeal of Scandinavian homes, so keep natural materials in mind when selecting elements for your space.

Craft Collection, Scandi Collection

The warming grain of natural wood, uneven surface of rugged stone, and the imperfections of wicker and jute add warmth, texture, and organic beauty, all synonymous with the Scandinavian style. Pair strands of pampas grass with vases in earthy hues, and present with bleached oak wood furniture, exposed masonry, softening the look with a faux fur rug. 

End the Day With an Inviting Bedroomscape

The one room in the home where relaxation is most important, enjoy a moment to yourself with a bedroom scheme that encourages serenity and calm.

Craft Collection, Nordic Collection

Arrange yourself a bedscape that invites you to sink in and switch off. Arrange an assortment of scatter cushions in inviting textures and earthy palettes, adding in a delicately embroidered throw to snuggle under. Complete the look with a pretty pom pom curtain or simple sheer, weathered wicker and wood furniture, and a helping of greenery. Make sure your bedside table is clutter-free and without distractions, too, favouring a potted plant and ornament or two, with space for your favourite book.

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