The Best of Blue

Dive into summer with this season’s palette of vibrant blue hues.

24th June 2024

Known as a relaxing colourway in the home, the tranquil properties of blue create an oasis of calm.

Forever timeless, this versatile and diverse shade can create either a calming or maximalist space.

From the lightest of powder blues to the deepest jewel-toned sapphires, blue is equally as impactful in whichever form you choose. Whether they’re inspired by colourful coastlines or whimsical country settings, blue will always be a popular choice for interiors. Find out below all the ways you can use this classic hue in your own home.

Mix and Match Different Blues for a Sophisticated Space

If you’re only using blue in a room, experimenting with different shades and scales adds depth and maintains interest.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Santorini Collection, Volume Collection, Painted Canvas Collection, Studio Collection, Volume Collection, Ingleton Collection, Caribbean Fabric Collection, Painted Canvas Collection, Caribbean Fabric Collection

Start off with bold hues of turquoisecerulean, or navy. Build your palette up with light cobaltspowder blues, or shale greys. Use patterns of varying styles and weight, too, such as a versatile stripe with a sprawling floral. Use lighter blues for rooms that receive more sunlight, and darker, more enveloping hues in areas that receive less daylight.

Pair Blue with Other Colourways to Create Interest

Sitting on the cooler side of the colour spectrum, blue should be paired with warmer or contrasting palettes.

(From Left to Right) Studio Collection, Santorini Collection, Greenhouse Collection

Green is an ideal match for blue, with the two creating harmonious, nature-inspired schemes. Create lively, summer-inspired schemes and use more contrasting colourways such as yellow to add warmth. Start by introducing a different shade through smaller accents such as scatter cushions, especially if you’re working with a more contrasting shade. 

Bright Cobalts Create Mediterranean-Inspired Schemes

Reminding us of sun-soaked shores, use lighter blues to create spaces inspired by the coastline.

Santorini Collection

Combine washed cobalts with deep sea blues to create depth. Add in soft teals and shale hues for a balanced, contemporary look. Use linen-look fabrics to maintain a laid-back feel, pairing with damasks and tile designs for an instant Mediterranean feel. Accessorise with rattan, wicker, and bleached white wood to truly replicate the style.

Jewel Tones Create Luxurious, Art-Deco Inspired Schemes

Form a treasure trove of shimmering blues symbolic of the Art Deco era.

Volume Collection, Snowdon Collection

Deep turquoise and rich navy tones instantly add luxury, and pair well with lighter blues such as seafoam. Use textures such as embossed velvets and soft-touch chenilles to maintain elegance. Pair with metallic accents such as gold, copper, and brass through furniture bases and legs, as well as light fittings, accessories, and door handles.

Vibrant, Saturated Blues Will Transport your Space to the Tropics

Make a maximalist statement with colours inspired by tropical landscapes.

Caribbean Fabric and Wallpaper Collection

Use patterns showcasing sprawling palm trees and vibrant flowers. Select designs finished in rich palettes of lagoon blues. Maintain a maximalist feel throughout with a range of textures, including intricate embroideries and luxurious velvets finished in jewel-toned teals and indigos.

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