Trend Focus: Comfortcore

Hunker down amongst luxurious, laid-back spaces with the enduring trend for comfortcore.

16th October 2023

The need for our living areas to act as our own personal sanctuaries shows no signs of disappearing, so the recent revival of comfortcore comes as no surprise. Our homes should be a safe haven we can retreat to at the end of a long day, and indulge in a moment or two to ourselves.

Ensure respite and stability remain ever-present by adorning with cocooning textures, earth-inspired hues, and a handful of personal touches. Your home should promote relaxation, tranquillity, and a general sense of wellness, placing you at ease as soon as you step inside. To achieve this, we have compiled a handful of our top tips for embracing the trend for comfortcore with open arms. So, reach for your most tactile fabrics and warming details and discover how to create your own oasis of calm that encapsulates the trend for easy living.

Add Visual Weight with Abundant Texture

Layers upon layers of texture are key to the comfortcore trend, as opposed to abundant pattern or masses of colour.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Sierra Collection, Portofino Collection, Campbell Collection

Take your guests on a tactile journey with diverse fabrics inspired by adventurous locations. Thick woven fabrics encourage to you appreciate their intricate designs and enveloping nature. Look to finishes inspired by rugged mountain ranges and sun-soaked, characterful coastlines, with interest added through multi-tonal designs and space-dyed yarns for a contemporary spin on timeless weaves. Nothing states comfort quite like boucle, so allude to the unashamedly 70s style with understated boucle and weave qualities that tie together calming schemes perfectly.

Sink Into Tactile, Sumptuous Fabrics Upon Furniture

Furnishings that invite you to sit and appreciate their tactile beauty are a must.

Sierra Collection, Campbell Collection

Teddy-like boucle fabrics are the quintessence of cosy living, so make these your first port of call when deciding on fabrics for your soft furnishings. Present upon love sofas or even curved wraparound chairs for a cosy nook that envelops you in its warmth, creating a space that you can truly unwind in. Position next to a small coffee table or stool that you can prop your favourite book upon, as well as a carefully curated ornament or two. Wanting to present a fresh take on the boucle trend? Adorn statement upholstery pieces with scatter cushions featuring multi-dimensional weaves showcasing boucle yarns, adding snippets of interest.

Utilise Geometrics for a Contemporary Spin

Introduce further depth and character with conversational geometric designs upon weaves.

Sierra Collection

Inspired by sprawling mountain ranges, Picchu’s vibrant, small-scale geometrics look especially striking when adorning vast expanses of furniture. So, make these the star of the show and match with pared back complementary weaves elsewhere in the room. For an unexpected twist, why not create a contemporary wall panel from Sierra’s conversational geometric woven design and enjoy a striking centrepiece?

Beat the Chill with Cocooning Curtains

Not only are weaves visually comforting, but their thicker texture makes them perfect for hanging at your window and banishing cold air during the winter months.

Sierra Collection, Portofino Collection

Hang sophisticated woven designs showcasing pops of colour at your window, coordinating with enveloping checks in complementary colourways upon additional soft furnishings. Alternatively, opt for richer hues such as saturated earth tones for window treatments that truly envelop you and your guests, amplified by thick, enveloping boucle yarns upon multi-dimensional designs. Ensure your curtains strike the perfect balance between form and function and pair with an effective thermal or blackout lining, keeping harsh cold air at bay.

Stick to a Soothing Palette

Earth-inspired colourways that place us at ease are at the heart of relaxing looks.

Sierra Collection, Portofino Collection

Palettes frequently found within tranquil schemes range from light and delicate natural shades, through to slightly richer tones such as clay. Leave ample textures to establish talking points, pairing with gentler Earth tones. Dusky terracotta, sunset, and sage colourways all embody the tranquil qualities of the great outdoors. Add hints of vibrance with richer shades of amber. Instead, why not switch it up and take inspiration from the runways of high fashion, with brighter cobalt blues that remind you of the vibrant Italian Riviera?

Add Hints of Foliage for a Nod to Nature

Inviting the outdoors in is a proven method of creating an inherently restorative space.

Sierra Collection, Portofino Collection

Simple yet soothing additions you can make to your scheme include gentle pampas fronds, indoor ferns, or even a handful of your favourite flowers. Add the finishing touches to a cosy reading nook with small potted succulents placed upon your coffee table. Carefully arrange towering pampas grass plumes in a blown glass vase for a statement piece within a window space. Take it one step further and transport yourself to sun-soaked, idyllic destinations with indoor olive trees.

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