Trend Focus: Micro-Luxury

The trend for micro-luxury continues to gain momentum, with its pared-back, understated approach to decadence encouraging you to pay attention to detail.

7th August 2023

Micro-luxury focuses on forming spaces that, instead of demanding your attention, gently invite you to appreciate their understated beauty through the finer details. The trend emphasises the importance of even the most minute elements within a scheme in creating an achievable, luxurious space.

Set the tone for laid-back luxury in your space with this season’s newfound trend for understated opulence. With thoughtful execution, you can easily recreate the rising trend for micro-luxury in a multitude of spaces. From utilising metallic accents and jewel tones to favouring opulent fabrics, read on and discover how adding small reminders of grandeur can elevate even the most pared-back spaces.

Opt for Striking Jewel Tones

Utilise richer hues and deeper, invigorating shades for your colour palette for a luxurious, enveloping space.

Volume Collection

Enjoy a harmonious blend of luxury and cocooning comfort with shimmering jewel tones presented upon your soft furnishings. Indulgent hues of emerald and vibrant teals to moodier moss greens and impactful sapphires all embody the trend for micro-luxury effortlessly, so feature in accent pieces such as scatter cushions, throws or blankets for snippets of opulence. Pair with larger furnishings in coordinating, pared-back hues of navy, gentle sage greens or inviting neutrals. Feeling adventurous? Select a jewel tone from your furnishings and finish your walls in this shade, for an enveloping space that tells a story of sophistication as soon as you enter the room.

Add Highlights of Opulent Fabrics

Indulgent finishes remain the cornerstone of the micro-luxury trend, so make no exception to this rule when selecting your fabrics.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Volume Collection, Nimbus Collection, Landscape Collection, Secret Collection

Utilise plush, indulgent fabrics such as embossed cut velvets or fabrics presenting shimmering metallic highlights for scatter cushions, blankets, or throws. Opt for semi-plain fabrics showcasing subtle interest for larger expanses of furniture. Alternatively, embrace a slightly more maximalist take on the micro-luxury trend and swap out plain finishes for more indulgent semi-matt satins, showcasing subtly embossed effects. Showcase upon benches, footstools, or a statement armchair and enjoy a harmonious blend of understated interest and luxury.

Incorporate Gold Accents Into Your Scheme

Feature snippets of luxury through gold or metallic accents, creating moments of visual indulgence as you make your way through a space.

(From Left to Right, Clockwise) Nimbus Collection, Volume Collection, Velour Collection

Jewel-toned colourways pair well with gold accents; however, green is especially suited to opulent gold finishes, which complement the rich, verdant undertones of this nature-inspired hue. Reminiscent of looks from the iconic Art Deco era, pair deep, impactful hues of emerald or forest greens with snippets of gold in pieces such as side tables, footstools, or dining chair legs. Add a sophisticated twist to richly hued, staple plain fabrics upon sofas or upholstery pieces by finishing with gold furniture legs or bases, for example.

Create the Illusion of a Larger Space

Grand, sprawling spaces are synonymous with luxurious interiors, so create a light and airy feel within your décor scheme and create the illusion of a larger room.

Landscape Collection

Spaces flooded with natural light harmonise with minimalistic layouts, so combine the two and effortlessly encapsulate the understated approach of micro-luxury. Be sure to opt for statement pieces and avoid overwhelming your space with abundant furnishings or accessories, which can cause your home to appear smaller. Utilise natural light to create the sense of a brighter, spacious yet sophisticated room, opting for curtains in luxurious jacquards that can be drawn back to allow natural light to pour in. Strategically placed mirrors can also help brighten and subsequently open-up a space, reflecting light around the room and off metallic finishes in furniture and accent pieces such as light fixtures.

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