Urban Living

13th January 2020

With more than half the world’s population now living and working in cities, Urban Living is on the rise.

The hustle and bustle that comes with city life is now influencing the décor of modern city apartments, stylish hotels and contemporary student accommodation.

Encompassing modern architecture and industrial chic, the Urban Living trend helps to balance the thrill of city life, creating tranquil spaces through calm colour palettes, sheer fabrics and minimalistic furniture. These stylish spaces provide a rest bite from the yin and yang of fast paced city living that is both energising and tiring.

Commercial interiors are now focusing on individuals looking to escape this fast-paced world; whether it’s a city hotel providing a sanctuary after a busy day, or a student accommodation offering a feeling of home in the chaos of city life.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020 reflects this shift towards tranquil, yet modern interiors with Classic Blue, a colour that is known for its association with peace, calm and comfort. Not only does the shade represent a sense of ease, Pantone’s Laurie Pressman says, “it's a colour that anticipates what's going to happen next’ and “encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking”.

The designers of our new District collection have been inspired by these elements of modern city living, creating a range of inherently flame retardant fabrics with the hospitality sector in mind.

Offering a contemporary geometric look, the collection encompasses Urban Living; featuring muted colour palettes referencing building materials used in modern architecture, as well as design names that pay homage to the great cityscape such as Underground, Network and Platform.

The collection showcases a variety of prints, plains, sheers and jacquards with options for upholstery, drapery and accessories, making District the perfect choice for many contemporary contract projects, as well as modern city apartments and living spaces.

The designs pair effortlessly with natural wooden accessories or dark industrial furniture to offer a modern minimalist look. The interior is completed with bright, natural lighting softened by sheer fabrics such as Cityscape, Platform and Enamel.

All PT Contract fabrics are inherently flame retardant and tested to the highest standard, making them suitable for multiple contract projects. The designs also make a great addition to any domestic interior.

For more inspiration discover our Urban Living Pinterest board or visit @PT_Contract on Instagram.