Centuries Collide

Spring is in the air, so blow away the winter cobwebs with the uplifting country home style and look forward to brighter days.

4th March 2024

Today’s English country style presents stitches through time, showcasing historical design influences with a modern twist, all whilst keeping nature central to its appeal.

A beautiful blend of inspiration graces this trend, from elegant, sprawling period homes of the 19th century and rustic barns to smaller, cosy cottages nestled upon quaint landscapes. Whether highlighting period features in classical properties or placing a vintage spin on modern homes, this whimsical style can live in harmony with a number of existing properties and décor schemes. With the right fabrics, colour palette, and finishing touches, anyone can make this trend work in their home. Read on for some of our top tips on creating an undeniably charming country interior, whatever style your property may be.

Adorn Your Space With Whimsical, Nature-Inspired Fabrics

Encapsulate the diverse flora found in rolling meadows when selecting your fabric designs.

Greenhouse Collection, Poetry Collection

Keep your walls neutral and allow your fabrics to do the talking. Playful florals, intricate embroideries, and small-scale scenes of country flora reminiscent of traditional woodblock-style designs create a wonderfully textured look throughout. Soft style geometrics and complementary woven designs ensure a cohesive, contemporary scheme. One room in which the charming country style works especially well is in the bedroom. Present designs in unexpected and intriguing ways, such as through lampshades, headboards, or bedspreads for a calming bedscape that alludes to charming landscapes.

Make Uplifting Blue and Green Tones the Stars of Your Palette

Living in harmony with one another, blue and green hues both complement each other wonderfully, thanks in part to their intrinsic connections to nature.

Greenhouse Collection, Poetry Collection

Light powder blues and delicate greens are two of this year’s most endearing palettes, so look to cornflower hues and shades of sky blue, sage greens, and honey tones. Add in rich poppy reds for unexpected pops of colour that contrast more delicate colourways. With whitewashed walls a prominent feature within country interiors, we recommend keeping your walls simple with pared-back, lighter tones. If pure white walls aren’t your thing, opt for alternative shades, such as light sage greens, shales, or alternatively earthy hues.

Curate Characterful Furnishings That Stand the Test of Time

Search for pre-loved pieces or display cherished family heirlooms proudly, that will live on for many centuries longer.

Greenhouse Collection, Poetry Collection

With wood featuring so prominently within country interiors, look for treasures such as antique wooden occasional tables, sideboards, and wooden-legged chairs and sofas. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture for a lived-in, inherently cosy look. Give antique armchairs, sofas, or chaise lounges new leases of life through reupholstering, using upholstery-weight woven designs in delicate palettes of cornflower blue. Alternatively, opt for conversational, soft style geometrics for a maximalist twist. Flood your sofa with a generous helping of scatter cushions finished in intricate, trailing florals and painterly woodblock style designs, creating a cosy feel synonymous with this style.

Accentuate Period Features in Your Home

Hone in on any prominent period features and natural materials present within your home, celebrating their imperfections.

Greenhouse Collection, Poetry Collection

Exposed brick walls, original fireplaces, wooden beams, and stone flooring are all recurring features in classic interiors, so highlight these in your home. Complement weathered natural materials with delicate linen textures, including prints depicting intricate, small-scale scenes of country flora presented on cotton linen-blend base cloths for a quintessentially rustic feel. Frame original vintage doors with conversational, Jacobean-inspired prints depicting intricate floral scenes. Soften up lived-in natural flooring and create much needed warmth using rugs upon stone or wooden floors. For more modern homes lacking in period features, wall panelling is a great way to add authentic country charm to your space, whilst creating a cosy, cocooning effect.

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