Keeping Cosy

Discover our Portofino Collection of sophisticated stripe, check, and small-scale weave designs, and create the perfect Winter sanctuary in which to hunker down.

17th October 2022

With the darker days and cooler air here for the foreseeable, ensuring our spaces are both physically and mentally restful is essential for our wellbeing. Your home should be an intimate space where you can retreat to at the end of the day. Creating a scheme that envelops and cocoons you is therefore vital for providing a sense of comfort and safety.

The trend for introducing ‘Hygge’ into our spaces, a quality of cosiness that encourages feelings of contentment, has long been popular. However, the need for our spaces to work well as warm, cosy retreats has become increasingly apparent this year. Here at PT, we have consulted with our experts who have provided some key tips on how you can stay snug this winter. From utilising rich, deep colourways to creating a cosy focal point, we have gathered plenty of advice on how you can banish the winter chill.

Favour Cocooning Colourways

Rich, deep palettes provide a visual impression of cosiness, forming a space to snuggle up inside in and lift your spirits.

Enrich your interior with deep reds, cobalt blues, and contemporary grey hues that all work beautifully together, creating a space that envelops and cocoons you. For a lighter look, opt for a palette of vibrant citrons and soft pastel shades that offer a trend-led take on the cosy theme. Complement these enveloping hues with neutral tones on your walls such as shades of shale grey or taupe. Showcase any exposed wood panelling on walls to highlight darker palettes within your space for a space that truly makes you feel at ease.

Layer Up on Inviting Textures

Invite a medley of tactile textures into your living areas for added texture and depth, wrapping you and your space in a blanket of warmth.

Chunky weave, stripe, and check designs not only add visual warmth to a room, but are also ideal for maximising comfort and keeping you and your guests warm during the cooler months. Incorporate through an array of soft furnishings such as throws, draping them over sofas. Flood seating areas with cushions for a warming space to sit back, relax, and retreat to at the end of a chilly winter’s day.

Embrace Natural Materials

Inviting the outdoors in with natural materials is still a current trend in interior design, and is key to creating a sense of cosiness.

Wood finishes are perfect for this, with their rustic qualities inviting a welcome warmth into whole room schemes. Make use of exposed wooden floorboards if these feature in your home, completing the look with jute rugs for a soft and warming touch. Opt for wooden tables, sideboards, and wooden-legged chairs in natural colour palettes, pairing with chunky weaves for an effortlessly homely feel. Use storage solutions made from natural materials such as wicker baskets for tucking away any spare home comforts such as cosy blankets.

Gather Round a Warming Focal Point

Fireplaces are synonymous with a cosy lifestyle, and are perfect focal points to gather round and stay warm during the winter months. These aren’t essential for inviting a comforting ambience into your space, though.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, move your sofas closer and enjoy a warm and inviting space. If not, anchoring your furniture around a focal point will have the same cocooning effect, so gather your sofas around a standout coffee table for example. Create an intimate arrangement that allows you to huddle in closer and enjoy a welcome warmth. Complete the look by piling these areas high with throws and scatter cushions in enveloping stripe and check designs.

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