Texture Focus

An integral element to interior design, texture can tell an intriguing story in your home, inviting interest and character into your space.

14th November 2022

The tactile sensations of a room, evoked by the texture present in our fabric, furniture, and other finishes, are integral to how we perceive a space. Texture is therefore perfect for injecting life into interiors, and is often used as an alternative to pattern for sparking interest and intrigue.

Texture is at the heart of inviting interiors; its purpose is to draw you in, making you want to interact with it both visually and physically. Our experts have detailed how tactile fabrics can bring your home to life, including the effects various finishes have on your home.

Explore this season’s punchy plains and create a look that sparks textural discussion. When personalising your home, think about the effect you would like texture to have. Whether you’d like a cocooning sanctuary or a vibrant and uplifting space, the type of texture used within your home is especially important.

Wrap up Warm with Indulgent Chenilles

Be inspired by the latest high fashion trends and indulge in soft-touch chenilles that perfectly encapsulate the rising trend for textured, inviting upholstery.

Anderson Collection

Perfect for the cooler months, cosier textures such as chenilles are ideal for adding not only visual weight, but evoking an immersive, cocooning space. Thicker textures absorb more light and are therefore perfect for setting the mood, amplifying feelings of comfort and creating a sense of calm. Adorn furniture such as contemporary armchairs with snug chenilles for a focal point that invites you in. Alternatively, if updating your space seasonally, reserve inviting fabrics for smaller finishes such as cushions and throws in the winter months. Swap these out for lighter, linen-look weaves in natural palettes during the warmer seasons.

Sprinkle in Some Colour

Texture and colour complement each other exquisitely, and can be used in tandem to create truly vibrant décor schemes.

Ingleton Collection

Incorporate a mixture of colourways into your space if opting for one texture throughout, in order to prevent a “flat” or lifeless décor scheme. Vibrant felt designs are perfect for creating a loud and proud look whilst ensuring comfort remains at the forefront of your space. For a more reserved, versatile scheme, opt for muted grey and natural hues. On the other hand, look to vivid greens and decadent peacock shades for hues that demand attention and create truly immersive spaces.

Back to Basics

Whilst thicker textures will create a cocooning atmosphere, lighter fabrics in fresh, uplifting palettes will ensure your space remains contemporary and refreshed for years to come.

Kielder Collection

Keep it simple and embrace a space made for easy living. Making themselves at home in a number of interiors, simpler, linen-look fabrics are easy to incorporate into various décor schemes. Whilst perfect for keeping your space cool and refreshed during the summer months, lighter fabrics are suitable year-round if layered during the cooler seasons. For added convenience, opt for fabrics with StainGuard finishes, perfect for modern lifestyles and furnishings that will receive plenty of love over the years.

Naturally Inspiring

Wonderful, rugged forms are all around us in the outdoors, so invite them in and embrace fabrics inspired by nature.

Zircon Collection

Embark on your texture journey with plains inspired by nature’s wondrous forms. Make them the stars of the show through floor-length curtains or create standout furnishings with upholstered sofas and armchairs, perfectly capturing the feeling of modern sophistication. Opt for colourways inspired by natural elements to strengthen the connection between your space and the outdoors, pairing with natural finishes such as oak furniture or contemporary foliage. Fabrics featuring metallic highlights guarantee decadence, stealing the attention of guests with their luxurious finishes.  

Create a Tactile Treasure Trove

Complement textured fabrics with other tactile elements in your space.

(From left to right, clockwise) Zircon, Kielder, and Anderson Collection

Contrast textured plain fabrics with other finishes featured in your room such as wooden furniture, wall panelling, and exposed stone features. Perfect for keeping cosy during the winter months, we suggest teaming thicker, sumptuous fabrics with richer oak wood finishes for a warming and homely feel. When curating accessories for your space, opt for glass finishes in airier spaces to maximise natural light, and darker pieces in cosier rooms for a snug atmosphere. Pair smooth and rough materials together, such as textured chenilles and smooth stone finishes, for maximised visual interest.

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