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Introducing our latest wallcoverings collections; Galleria and Maison, as we look to expand our current portfolio.

Our latest wallcoverings range Galleria launched in April, this collection captures the essence of classic floral design, with dainty cherry blossom, opulent bouquets, classic roses and a traditional Jacobean trail, all highlighted in a combination of flock, metallic and hand-blocked style. This range also includes a truly statement design; Masterpiece. This trompe l’oeil mural design depicts a wall adorned with art, ornaments and trinkets, for a bold room statement.

We also saw the launch of our Maison wallcoverings range this January, which embodies true vintage chic with romantic hues, hand-blocked style and tempting textures. Surface printing imparts a bespoke charm across eight non-woven designs, embracing floral trails, lacy mosaics, beaded stripes and lustrous songbirds, whilst tactile vinyls and puff-prints complete the story.



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