Elements Wallpaper

3rd Feb 2016

Elements wallpaper

Ethereal new wallpapers are revealed in our new Elements wallpaper range. A collection of nine inspired designs; weather-worn walls, elegant damasks, iridescent pinstripes and a Hellenic key.

Tactile intrigue is captured across the designs with textured surfaces, alongside distressed patterns and mesmerising ombré colour.

A series of atmospheric palettes continues the dramatic tension; embracing moody blues, oxidised reds, imperial purples and lustrous metallics.

Elements wallpaper

Trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Illusions of luxurious marble walls, ceramic tiles, weather worn walls, optical effects and faux hessian.

Take an exciting new approach to wallpaper with our Elements collection; an imaginative combination of geological, architectural and cultural references.

Explore the full collection online.  

Marble Wallpaper


Scottish Interiors Showcase

16th & 17th February 2016

Double Tree by Hilton

Dunblane, Scotland

BITA London Showcase 2016

13th & 14th March 2016

Chelsea Harbour Hotel



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