Fresh New Concepts

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This April we bring a diverse new range to our portfolio with six new collections. From bright fresh palettes, new concepts and a modern spin on tradition there is something for everyone.

Meeko takes centre stage, a cheerful and lively print that will fill a room with colour and character with its block printing style. Tradition takes a contemporary twist in Hemingway, a classic gingham check balanced with on trend geo style jacquards makes this the perfect take on modern country living.

The lighter nights won’t disrupt your sleep thanks to our dim out fabric Calm & Gentle. Create an almost blackout with simple make up as no lining is required with Calm. Whilst double width Gentle available in eight shades for easy-hang curtains.

The launch continues with a trio of semi-plains in Utopia, embracing subtle pastels to rich jewel tones and warm neutrals. A rustic style flecked weave Logan, drawn purely from natural influences and as always the PT Extra family continues to grow with the latest addition Constellation completing this seasons launch.


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