The Magic of Modern Folklore

Embark on a whimsical journey into the world of modern folklore with Poetry’s expressive portfolio.

18th September 2023

A fusion of timeless cultural influences and traditional techniques showcase Poetry’s celebration of the enduring Jacobean style. Inspired by high-fashion’s revival of the timeless trend, Poetry’s diverse portfolio showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

The folk style has once again gained momentum, trickling down from the runways of high-fashion houses to the world of interiors. Characterised by its traditional embellishments and vibrant colours and patterns, folklore’s understandably enduring nature has been given a contemporary twist that inspires and encourages you to embrace the beauty of tradition. Read on and discover how to embrace this enchanting, carefree style in your home, sparking a refreshing new relationship between the whimsical theme and interior design.

Allow Traditional Techniques to Shine Through Intricate Embellishments

Blend handcrafted techniques and cultural influences with timeless designs and colour palettes, for a trend-led take on the folklore theme.

Poetry Collection

Invite the outdoors in with trailing florals wandering amongst basket weave prints set upon flowing, floor length curtains, perfectly encapsulating the arts and crafts theme. Complement with painterly woodland scenes adorning a statement footstool that builds on the sense of adventure. For a lighter finish in your window space, look to blossoming trees sitting proudly upon delicate sheer finishes, adorned using traditional techniques seen upon the catwalks of the most exclusive fashion houses.

Accessorise with scatter cushions featuring wonderfully saturated florals blossoming on delicately embroidered fabrics, encouraging you to explore and appreciate their whimsical beauty. Complement with soft-style geometrics presented through contemporary jacquards, adding depth and modernity to otherwise traditional designs.

Look to Characterful, Earth-Inspired Hues for Inspiration

Drawn from nature, Poetry’s strikingly confident palette is an ideal match for folklore’s whimsical approach.

Poetry Collection

The timeless take of modern folklore is enhanced by its contemporary palette, so look to feature an abundance of vibrant yet inviting tones into your folklore scheme. Think rich tones of sage, vibrant hues of orange and uplifting shades of rose. Present through trailing florals and sprawling woodland scenes for a space steeped in characterful history, reminiscent of timeless Jacobean interiors.

Maintain a Neutral Backdrop Throughout

Keep your backdrop neutral and allow the warming, characterful palettes of the Jacobean style to shine through.

Poetry Collection

Utilise clean lines and neutral colourways as the starting point for your folklore scheme, using pops of playful pattern and colour upon accent furnishings to invite warmth and character into a space. We have seen the modern folklore trend pairing more maximalist styles and shades with earthier, pared-back hues, which harmonise effortlessly. Ensure your home remains liveable by selecting reserved shades for walls and flooring. Delicate sage and oatmeal colourways look suitably charming when presented upon contemporary wall panelling. Lighter stone or weathered wood flooring set against the more delicate designs of Poetry create striking juxtaposition between whimsical and lived-in design elements.

Complement with Natural Materials and Handcrafted Finishes

The delicate embellishments of folklore pair effortlessly with snippets of natural elements and traditional craftmanship throughout the home.

Poetry Collection

The modern folklore trend has led to a renewed appreciation for natural materials, so ensure your space makes use of the Earth’s finishes to create a lived-in, cosy feel. Utilise wood panelling for your walls and finish in gentler hues of sage and earth tones. Why not present weathered wood finishes through side tables, furniture legs, or even storage cupboards? For a smaller-scale approach, carefully arranged bouquets featuring florals within fabrics in your space are the perfect extension of Jacobean schemes, and are a subtler touch. Alternatively, opt for potted plants showcasing towering greenery.

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