Globally-Inspired Spaces

A vibrant celebration of culture and colour remains at the heart of the Jasmine Collection.

2nd October 2023

Celebrate rich, diverse heritage with designs that pay homage to Eastern Asian influences. Our new Jasmine Collection encapsulates a medley of orientally-inspired designs that all capture the beauty of Japanese culture.

Embark on a journey into the depths of Eastern Asia with awe-inspiring design schemes steeped in cultural beauty. The Japandi style has taken a maximalist turn this season, with a global twist that sees vibrant, saturated palettes, sprawling, large scale florals and subtly luxurious jacquards reinterpret the timeless trend. Brimming with enchanting details throughout, discover Jasmine’s ornate finishes and how to adapt the enduring trend for globally-inspired interiors to your space, below.

Make a Grand Entrance and Frame Outdoor Views with Oriental Designs

Present sprawling, characterful finishes upon window dressings and create the ultimate extension of dreamy outdoor areas, indoors.

Jasmine Collection

Statement, full colour prints are perfect for making your window spaces true focal points within a room, whilst opening your doors to aspirational destinations. Traditional magnolia flowers blooming across delicately saturated fabrics are ideal for adding a hint of maximalism to pared-back schemes.

On the other hand, depictions of swooping heron birds towering above Eastern Asian landscapes add a striking talking point wherever you hang them, from contemporary doorways to more traditional bay windows. Look to larger-scale palm prints presenting an aged effect for a more laid-back look, finished in warming tones of burnt amber for a nod to seasonal, comforting palettes.

Immerse the Room With Saturated Shades

Colour your home happy and remind yourself daily of far-flung destinations with rich palettes upon your walls.

Jasmine Collection

Select deeper, more impactful variations of colourways featured in your fabrics and set the stage for conversational designs, both enriching them and allowing them to truly shine. Ocean hues of cerulean and indigo are both uplifting and enveloping, with blue known to have calming effects when presented in interiors.

Deeper shades signify high luxury and confidence whilst lighter variations of blue are more tranquil, so think about the effect you would like your space to have. Why not turn up the drama and present equally impactful, contrasting shades upon your walls and fabrics, such as Jasmine’s deeply saturated Tigers Eye colourway with a striking indigo blue backdrop?

Add Hints of Metallic for a Luxurious Twist

The understated luxury of metallic accents and the bright, bold nature of conversational fabrics go hand-in-hand in the Jasmine Collection.

Jasmine Collection

Swathes of metallic are not usually present in Japanese interiors; instead, ornate fabrics and rich, intense colourways do the talking, with complementary metallic tones adding a touch of opulence. Complement glorious, brightly saturated fabrics with visually intriguing jacquards that invite a sense of grandeur into the room.

Opt for designs that present hints of metallic running throughout for a luxurious twist on the trend for global maximalism. Accessories and accent pieces such as furniture bases, light fittings, and even door handles are also great ways for incorporating snippets of metallic finishes into your scheme, whilst ensuring all eyes remain on vibrant fabrics.

Tie Off Your Scheme with Hints of Foliage

No home influenced by exquisite destinations would be complete without a helping of natural elements.

Jasmine Collection

Create welcome contrast against large-scale, impactful florals and add in delicate finishes such as a curation of pampas grass stood proudly in ornate, decorative glassware. Succulents are also ideal for introducing more natural influences into your travel-inspired space, whilst larger, potted shrubbery can create more of an expansive, outdoor feel.

Take it one step further and fully immerse your room in Eastern Asian Beauty with house plants native to oriental locations. Think orchids, peace lilies, or even an indoor bonsai tree to remind you of tranquil Japanese botanical gardens.

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